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TWISTED: Anti-Israel Rep. Bowman: We Need A Free Palestine So Hamas Doesn’t Need To Exist”

On Wednesday’s “CNN NewsNight,” anti-Israel Rep. Jamaal Bowman provided his twisted view on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, asserting that Israel cannot wipe out Hamas.

“We need a free Palestine so Hamas then ceases to need to exist,” he said.

“We condemn the attacks of October 7, but we also condemn everything that has happened since October 7,” Bowman said.

“I know Benjamin Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir, and others, they want to wipe out the Palestinians. They want them to either leave or they will kill them. I know that’s what they want. And it’s horrible and horrific and evil to think that they will stay in this war and this conflict through the end of the year, to do what? How many people in Hamas have you killed? And have you killed the idea that Hamas is built upon? If we don’t make overtures and do real work with policy and resources towards peace and a free Palestine, there’s going to be another Hamas being nurtured during this time. You can’t kill them off, you can’t kill the idea. We need a free Palestine so Hamas then ceases to need to exist. That’s what we need.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. If Netanyahu wanted to kill out all Palestinians, they could’ve done it many times over in the past 75 years.

    Newsflash – Hamas wants Israel entirely off the map. Has he ever heard “from the river to the sea”? Idiot

    And same policy was for the PLO, so not sure there is a viable partner in this part of the world. Blame Bibi all you want. Fact is, ain’t NOBODY on the other side.

  2. There seems reasonable. IF Nazis had everything from the Urals to the British Isles, they probably wouldn’t need their army (okay, they probably would also have need to occupy North America, which they had plans to do).

    If Hamas can make the world Judenrein, it would lose its reason for existence.

    So his statement is quite untwisted and reasonable. He admits to being a modern day Nazi, along with the rest of his fellow ‘progressives”.

  3. Right, because Israel didn’t pull out of Gaza in 2005…those poor, oppressed Fakestinians all of whom are not terrorists.

  4. They had a “free Palestine” model in Gaza. They could have had total independence: their own water, fuel, electricity, infrastructure, and so on. Where did it get them? They made tunnels and war and left their people in deprivation. Some free Palestine!!

  5. Antisemitic idiot dog (sorry dogs!). “We ‘condemn’ what happened on Oct 7th (lip service)….my condolences to the Palestinians…..” Not a word about the hostages including U.S. citizens held in undersground hell…

  6. We need a free Lebanon so that Hezzballah doesn’t need to exist.
    We need a free Afghanistan so that the Taleban doesn’t need to exist.

    And we need a free London so that the HUT doesn’t need to exist.

  7. It’s hard to tell which idiot is dumber. The reporterette or the congressperson. Tough call. In the meantime let me go shout fire in a theater.

  8. he’s kinda got it backwards: it’s the terrorist groups who need “palestine” – without them, and their goal of destroying israel, the ordinary “palestinians” would have been resettled a long time ago, like every other refugee group in the last century.

  9. He’s actually right IF, IF, IF, IF there was a Palestinian majority that wanted to live side by side in real peace with Israel.

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