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3 Classmates From Shalavim Yeshivah Killed Together In APC Explosion

Three Hesder students from the third-year class of the Shalavim yeshivah lost their lives in the APC explosion in Rafah on Shabbos that killed eight soldiers.

The three soldiers are Sgt. Eliyahu Moshe Zimbalist, H’yd, 21, from Beit Shemesh, Sgt. Yakir Yaakov Levi, H’yd, 21, from Kibbutz Chofetz Chaim, and Sgt. Shalom Menachem, H’yd, 21, from Beit El.

The Rosh Yeshivah of Shalavim, Rav Michoel Yamar, said: “All three had something in common and that was to do what is good for Hashem and those around them, to give to Klal Yisrael. All three occupied themselves with endless giving and a desire to progress in avodas Hashem and giving to others.”

Yehi Zichram Baruch.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

6 Responses

  1. I am very confused, I thought that Ayelet Shaked said that the Frum people are not in the army and they have no interest to help the Israeli army what so ever.
    May Hashem help all the families of all the soldiers that were
    and also Hashem should help the families of all the people that got injured in this war .
    Hashem should help them mentally to cope with the situation and also Hashem should send them the funds that they need.
    השם ישלח רפואה שלמה לכל חולי עם ישראל

  2. @Avraham – I just came from Eliyahu Moshe HY”D’s Levaya, and still have the other two to attend later today, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Ayelet Shaked’s (accurate) comment was about the minimal number of Chareidim serving in the army. These three Kedoshim were Dati Leumi – very Frum and committed to Torah and Mitzvos, but believing too in an Achrayus to defend Klal Yisrael when necessary.

    At this point, I’ve already spoken to one friend who just buried his son, and have two more to go. I have no patience for the nonsense pushed by those defending shirking one’s duty to defend his fellow Jews. My son was on the scene of the incident – these were his friends from both his unit and from Yeshiva.

    I hope all the trolls from this site take a moment to thing about that. These are not some theoretical “Zionist soldiers” – these are Bnei Yeshiva who put on Tefilin each morning when they go to Davening, and who spend all day in the Beis Medrash learning when they’re not called upon to defend Klal Yisrael. You want to know what true Mesiras Nefesh is? Talk to these boys – or to their families. No Drash needed to explain how it fits into that category.

    an Israeli Yid

  3. @Ari Knobler – thank you.

    Yesterday was a very, very tough day. Inspiring as well, though – hearing the expressions of Emuna through pain from parents who have just lost their sons, and hearing about sons who continued to learn Daf Yomi while in Gaza – completing two Mesechtos – gave a real sense of the type of people we’re talking about. These are the best of Klal Yisrael that we’ve lost – Bekrovai Ekadesh.

    I honestly don’t know if I’d have the strength these parents showed if I were C”V in their position – and I daven every day for the safety of my sons so as not to not find myself tested that way. May no additional families either find themselves so tested …

    an Israeli Yid

  4. To an Israeli Yid:
    On your blessings
    Thank you
    May Hashem bless all of us with a complete understanding of another Yid and to accept each Yid and treat him or her as if they were our child, Frum- or not-Frum, Ashkenazi or
    עדות מזרח
    מזרחי or בני עקיבא
    ליטבעשע עולם
    Hashem loves all of us
    In the merit of zero
    לשון הרע
    שנאת חינם
    May We all be Zoche that Hashem will put a complete end to this war, all the hostages to be returned ASAP, and all the injured should have a total and complete
    רפואה שלמה
    In the days of King Achav no one died or got injured in battle because Klal Yisroel actually got along with each other Frum and the non-Frum.
    Zero fighting
    Zero protests with the right and the left

    Also the Frum in those days had zero protests no one was sitting on the roads blocking traffic
    Every Yid got along with each other almost 100%
    May Hashem help us to perfect the Mitzva of
    לדון את חבירו לכף זכות

  5. @Avraham – thank you, and אמן. A lesson to be learned by all – צדק may not necessarily be on one side only, and חסד most certainly should be practiced by all.

    Besuros tovos

    an Israeli Yid

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