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Yair Lapid: Pass Charedi Draft Bill Quickly, “People Will Die” If We Don’t

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid urged lawmakers to pass the Charedi draft bill quickly, warning that “people will die” if the army is not given the tools it needs.

Addressing the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Lapid emphasized that “we are in an emergency” and that the current situation, with tens of thousands of young people exempt from conscription, is “impossible” on both ethical and operational levels.

Lapid’s remarks came during a debate over the Charedi draft bill, just a week after it was passed by the Knesset plenum. He noted that 16 IDF soldiers have already been killed in the past week, and that Hamas and Hezbollah “want to kill us all” and do not differentiate between chiloni, daati, and Charedi citizens.

“We all need to mobilize to defend ourselves,” Lapid declared, calling for a “pointed and substantive discussion” leading to a bill that does not discriminate “between blood and blood.”

“The army needs the soldiers now,” Lapid concluded.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Aha. So G-D had a tough time winning the war in six days of June 1967? G-D had a tough time with the Yom Kippur war? G-D had a tough time with the War of Independence, the ’56 campaign and the countless other wars and campaigns Israel has been forced to fight in its 76 years of existence? G-D needs the help of the Chareidim in the IDF? Neah, it’s the IDF who needs their help indeed. Their help is when they sit in Yeshiva. We never stood any chance whatsoever against the hundreds of millions of Arabs surrounding Israel! G-D is with us, don’t let Lapid and his buddies push Him away!

  2. “Lapid’s remarks…noted that 16 IDF soldiers have already been killed in the past week, and that Hamas and Hezbollah…do not differentiate between chiloni, daati [sic], and Charedi citizens.”

    This Amalekite rasha has no business shmading Jews in the Zionist army. A century ago, the Zionists invaded and made their cataclysmic mess against the will of the Jews there (and caused unparalleled death and destruction for Jews the world over, all before 1948), so the Zionists can fight their own wars since they so badly need to change Judaism into godless idolatrous nationalism and leave the Jews alone.

  3. This is the only thing he can talk about during a war for months
    Where was the powerful Army on October 7th
    He’s a wicked person who wants to take away our true protection from heaven

  4. Lapid himself,did not do Armyservices. Why does he not call for the Arabs to do Army Services.Because he hates the chareidim,they are always the bad people not the arabs and not the chillonim. He even would sell Israel to the Arabs. he is worse then amolek


  6. Lapid is a well known antisemite, son of a rotten antisemite, and a person who got a cushy desk job in the army. May he rot in hell soon.

  7. I’ll respond to the points made by selected commenters above:

    @coffee addict – journalists and academics most certainly do serve. The vast majority did mandatory service before becoming journalists or academics – and a very large percentage were called up for Miluim after 7 October, with some still in or having been called back for a second or third round of Miluim.

    @UncleMo – apparently you are not aware that at the times of the conflicts you mention, most Chareidim DID serve in the IDF. The exemption cap until 1978 was 800 learners – all others had to serve.

    @Not Getting Involved and @Yankele1 – Lapid did, in fact, serve in the army, though in a non-combat role with Army Radio. He was disqualified from combat duty due to his suffering from asthma.

    If you want to make a Hashkafic argument as to why “true learners” should not be drafted, then go ahead – but you do yourself and your arguments no favors by citing made-up “facts”.

    an Israeli Yid.

  8. I have a sad reality check that unfortunately needs to be addressed once and for all. But before I go there I will state unequivocally that I’m not pushing chareidi draft (as if anyone cares what I think) but let me just put this out there for the sake of brutal honesty. We sit there in our rocking chair claiming that our Torah protects the world and is the true source of our existence. Do we really believe that?? Deep down?? We will do ourselves a favor to look deep within ourselves and see what we truly believe and what our behavior really reflects. Somehow I’m not convinced that we will be satisfied with our discovery. My point is how do we expect chilonim who are watching their boys dying everyday in battle believe us that our Torah is really protecting them when we don’t believe it ourselves?? I believe the way out of this dilemma begins with some honest respectful conversation on both sides without the nasty rhetoric. The last time we agreed on this issue was when the chazon ish met with Ben gurion. I can assure you even though I wasn’t there that there was no nasty rhetoric at that meeting

  9. He means he needs to advance his anti-Hashem, anti-Torah agenda. Otherwise he, together with his cronies radicals at the top of the IDF, will have to orchestrate another October 7th to finish the job of toppling this government. At least he’s being honest.

  10. ANON21:
    There is nothing to address. Yes, especially after the Zionist “failure” on 10/7 of their billions of dollars of Gaza Wall, their vaunted intelligence and army (which was ordered to stand down for most of the day before being finally allowed to try to save some of their citizens) and much more, it is clear as day that the Zionist idol is totally worthless, like all idols. The gedolim have said from the beginning that the only reason the Zionist “State” still exists is due to its (limited) support of Torah learners. Once it loses that merit, and the Zionists are now trying to do just that, that idol will be gone forever.

  11. ANON21: “chilonim who are watching their boys dying everyday in battle believe us that our Torah is really protecting them when we don’t believe it ourselves??” while this seems to be a valid point, although each and every fallen or injured soldier is a tragedy, you forgetting that in 8 months of most dangerous urban war “only” 311 korbonaus fell – statistically and b’derech hateva it would be choliloh a 4- or 5-figure – so yes THE TORAH IS PROTECTING OUR SOLDIERS.

  12. @HaKatan – aren’t you in favor of the dissolution of the “Zionist State” as quickly as possible? If so, wouldn’t you want the State to stop supporting Torah so that it loses the zechus that keeps it around? If so, then what’s your issue with what the Government is doing?

    Just wondering… 🤔

    an Israeli Yid

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