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HATE IN THE UK: Heathrow Airport Security Staff Accused Of Harassing Jewish And Israeli Passengers

A scandal has erupted at Heathrow Airport after security staff were accused of wearing badges with the Palestinian flag and symbols of solidarity with Palestine, creating a hostile environment for Jewish and Israeli passengers. The incident occurred on Sunday at Terminal 4’s Fast Track lane, where five security staff were wearing the badges while scanning luggage for passengers bound for Tel Aviv on an El Al flight.

Passengers complained that the badges made them feel intimidated and uncomfortable, prompting UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) to demand an investigation into the incident. UKLFI alleges that the staff breached Heathrow’s uniform policy and the Equality Act 2010 by wearing the “highly offensive” badges.

The security guards were reportedly replaced, and their badges confiscated following passenger complaints. This incident comes after a similar incident on another El Al flight, where passengers were made to feel singled out and targeted at customs.

UKLFI has written to Heathrow’s services director, expressing concern that the security staff’s actions created an “intimidating and hostile environment” for Jewish and Israeli passengers. A Heathrow spokesperson responded, “Everyone should feel safe and welcome at Heathrow. We have guidance on what colleagues can wear at work, and if that guidance is not followed, we will ensure those items are removed immediately, as was the case in this instance.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. It is becoming increasingly clear just how much the Anti-Semitism is right at the forefront, practically across the globe!! Look at the explosion of Anti-Semitism (call a spade a spade, stop cloaking it in Anti-Zionism, it’s all baloney and they recently began being alot more open and clear in their hating Jews, irrespective of Israel) in just a mere few months!

  2. It is a blessing in fact. There are so many people, again – across the globe who barely acknowledged their being Jewish and are now proudly embracing their heritage, even if only in a small way. My neighbor i.e recently put up Mezuzos, very quietly. You’d never know they were Jews.

    As the saying goes (I’ll write it in English) Either the Yid makes Kiddush otherwise the Goy makes Havdallah. And this concept is not just a saying, many seforim say this idea very clearly. Sometimes Hashem sends tzaros BECAUSE Jews are hiding from their religion.

  3. Hard to feel safe when the bomb detection people actualy support the side trying to sneak bombs onto planes.

  4. it isn’t the badges that need to be removed, but the people wearing them. visibly identifying with terrorists is not a good look for airport security personnel.

  5. Heathrow Airport employs a lot of visibly Muslim people. It’s really funny, it looks like terrorists are employed to guard the airport and flights from terrorism…and don’t tell me not all Muslims are terrorists. That may be true but millions of terrorists worldwide (not only in Gaza and the West Bank) are Muslims.

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