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US INTEL CONFIRMS: Iranian Government Operatives Incited Anti-Israel Demonstrations In US And Paid Protestors

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines revealed on Tuesday that the US intelligence community has uncovered evidence of Iranian government actors posing as activists online, inciting protests, and even providing financial support to demonstrators. This covert operation aims to influence American democratic processes, particularly regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

According to Haines, Iranian government actors have been exploiting ongoing protests to promote their interests, often without the knowledge of American participants. While acknowledging the legitimate right to peaceful protest, Haines warned that foreign interference can undermine the integrity of democratic processes.

Notably, Haines emphasized that not all anti-Israel protesters are Iranian dupes, and that the freedom to express diverse views is essential to American democracy. However, she stressed the importance of exposing foreign actors seeking to exploit domestic debates for their own purposes.

The disclosure raises questions about the US government’s response to Iranian meddling. While Haines pledged to provide updates on foreign influence efforts during the 2024 campaign season, she did not elaborate on concrete measures to counter Iranian interference, such as shutting down bank accounts or social media accounts used by Iranian actors.

The revelation has also sparked criticism from foreign policy experts, including Elliott Abrams, who accused the Biden administration of ineptitude in Middle East diplomacy. Abrams questioned why the US, as the world’s greatest superpower, appears more fearful of escalation than Iran.

The Iranian campaign has drawn comparisons to Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US election, which led to extensive investigations and news coverage. It remains to be seen whether the disclosure of Iranian activity will generate similar levels of concern and scrutiny (hint: it won’t).

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Just another reminder that common sense is often only a “conspiracy theory” until its proven what that those of us with sound mind knew all along. Then, of course, some people continue to deny not realizing the irony that now they are the “conspiracy theorists.”

  2. Where did Iran get enough money to fund these anti-Israel demonstrations?

    Oh, silly me, I forgot, President Biden provided Iran with American taxpayer dollars?

  3. ” Haines warned that foreign interference can undermine the integrity of democratic processes.” CAN ????!!! … a real rocket scientist

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