State Prosecutor Begins Reviewing Olmert Case


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olmert ffffuny.jpgThe state prosecutor today, Monday, will begin reviewing the case compiled by police against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, along with Israel Police’s recommendation to move ahead with criminal indictments against Mr. Olmert in the Talansky cash envelopes case and the Rishon Tours double airline tickets case.

While the media is having a field day with Sunday night’s announcement that Israel Police is recommending indictments, it should be remembered in a number of other high-profile cases in which police recommended indictments, the state prosecutor ruled they cases lacked evidence.

Such examples would include the investigation against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in 1997, known then as the Bar-On Chevron.

*1999 – Police recommend indicting Prime Minister Netanyahu for accepting kickbacks from contractor Avner Emdi.
*Mid 1990s – Police recommend indicting MK Tzachi Hanegbi pertaining to his tenure as the head of the Bon Voyage non-profit, alleging he accepted bribes.
*2000 – Greek Island affair: police recommend an indictment against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
*1999 – Police recommend indicting Cabinet Secretary Yitzchak Herzog and MK Shiri Weizman in election campaign funding case.
*End of 1990s – Police recommend an indictment against MK Reuven Rivlin for illegal contacts with contractor David Apel.

Officials in the state prosecutor’s office are signaling a decision is expected before Rosh Hashanah.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)