US Law Enforcement Officers Learn Counterterrorism From Israeli Counterparts


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ct.jpgOn the eve of the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a group of U.S. law enforcement professionals is in Israel, where they are learning advanced counterterrorism strategies from their Israeli counterparts.

The delegation of more than a dozen chiefs of police from major cities across the United States is visiting Israel as part of weeklong mission organized by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).  The program brings the U.S. law enforcement officers into contact with Israeli law enforcement and security officers and terrorism experts to learn about Israel’s strategies to prevent terror attacks.  They see firsthand how Israeli emergency officials and responders prepare for terrorist attacks in a nation that can never let down its guard.

On September 10, the U.S. police chiefs observed a training exercise involving an Israeli police counterterrorism SWAT Team in Holon, near Tel Aviv.  They also have gained exposure to innovative techniques Israel has developed to maintain the safety of its citizens, including surveillance of malls and city streets and security procedures at airports and border crossings.  The officers have been briefed by the bomb squad and security service; viewed border crossings along the Palestinian-Israeli border; toured the West Bank city of Hebron, a flashpoint of religious and ethnic conflict; and visited sites of past suicide bombings.

ADL has trained thousands of law enforcement professionals about hate crimes, extremism and domestic and international terrorism at conferences and seminars throughout the U.S.  Also, a number of top Israeli National Police commanders have traveled to the U.S. during the past years to share their expertise as part of ADL’s training program.

The following cities have representatives at the Counter-Terrorism Seminar in Israel: Bethesda, MD; Durham, NC; Green Bay, WI; Lexington, KY; Madison, WI; Mesa, AL; Miami, FL; Mobile, AL;  Omaha, NE; Philadelphia, PA; Salt Lake City, UT; Scottsdale, AZ; Tucker, GA; and Virginia Beach, VA.

(Eli Gefen – YWN Queens Ops’ Desk)


  1. well maybe they will have some appreciation of how Israel is 100X more prepared than the Americans. Its a whole cultural super-paranoia that America is just not into. Plus there is no training. That’s why, qualitatively, you are safer in Israel. As the US withdraws from Iraq, terrorists will then, to kill Americans, have to come to America to do so