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Is the IDF Weeding Out Chabadniks from the IDF Rabbinate?

chabad.jpgTruth be said, there is no proof according to the Chabad Online report, but nevertheless, there is an alarming apparent pattern of Chabad-affiliated members of the IDF Rabbinate being held up from promotion and being dismissed from the military.

According to the report, it is unclear who if anyone is behind the reality that many Chabadniks are suffering, with some compelled to end their service while others are not being promoted. At first glance, one might point the finger of blame at IDF Chief Rabbi Brigadier-General Avichai Ronsky, but in the past, he has been a major fan of the Chabad rabbonim, having complimented them openly. Nevertheless, there are some who suspect he stands behind the obvious targeting of Chabad rabbonim in the military.

Some examples of the ‘coincidental policy’ include;

*Rabbi (Major) Shteinberg, who was informed he is not being promoted, compelling him to resign from the IDF.

*Rabbi (Major) Moshe Tamri, who was forced to resign in the beginning of the year.

*Rabbi (Major) Shai Gudi, cited for excellence during his service, has been assigned to the same southern area assignment for a fourth consecutive year and he is not being permitted to submit his name as a contender for advanced positions.

*Rabbi (Major) Menachem Yisrael, a rabbinical advisor, has been informed his position is being terminated.

*Rabbi (Captain) Yoel Shem Tov, cited for excellence during his service, not promoted as scheduled and despite opposition from his superiors, was transferred to a new assignment.

*Rabbi (Captain) Erik Malchieli, in accordance to the Chief IDF Rabbi, he will not be permitted to continue serving. He will be leaving the military.

*Rabbi (Captain) Shraga Natan Dahan, cited for excellence during his service, has left the Rabbinate, now serving elsewhere in the IDF.

It is believed that the chief rabbi and/or his aides are working in earnest to prevent the rise of the Chabad rabbonim to the higher ranks within the military rabbinate.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. And of course, no one will do anything about it because it’s only Chabad & they’re a threat to the IDF. So brave against the goyishe enemy, so cowardly against the enemy within.

  2. Is YWN writing sensationalist headlines despite immediately going on to say that “there is no proof” to their claim?

    While there is no proof to say so, there is an alarming pattern that suggests they are.

  3. Welcome to Israel – where Discrimination is part of the Constitution!

    But this statement is actually quite positive – you only “put down” people you like. If it was stam any “low-life”, you wouldn’t even acknowledge their presence. But if it’s your brother/sister, you openly humilate them, but inside you deeply care for them.

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