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Rabbonim Meet Over Mehadrin Bus Line Concerns

eliyashiv1.jpgRabbonim from Yerushalayim met with Maran Rav Elyashiv Shlita to express their concerns regarding the possible cessation of mehadrin bus service in the capital once the light rail service begins. Rav Elyashiv told them to work and use all channels to avoid such an occurrence, the daily Yated Neeman reports.

The meeting follows information received by the Rabbinical Transportation Committee signaling plans to halt the mehadrin lines after the train service begins. The rabbis feel that officials involved in the light rail plan forgot about the spiritual and physical concerns of the chareidi community. In addition, the train will pass through frum and non-frum areas, making separate seating an impossibility they fear, adding the stops in downtown Yerushalayim will only be on Jaffe Street, in the heart of the entertainment area, which is unacceptable to the chareidi community.

The rabbonim, who met in the Rav’s home, expressed their hope that the transportation minister will not actualize plans to eliminate the mehadrin bus service in Yerushalayim.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. 1. Many countries have cars for women only (though this solves only half the problem, though apparently in those countries all women tend to prefer them even though not required to).

    2. If the mehadrin bus service was provided by frum entrepreneurs rather than by a non-frum corporation or a government agency, there wouldn’t be a problem. Then the only demand would be that the government provide the same level of subsidy as to other companies.

  2. mehadrin buses are a great idea but maybe the woman should be in the front. For someone expecting the back of a double bus bumping a long can be very hard. Additionally if ladies are in the front they might not feel like seperate seating is slighting them

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