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Mehadrin Eruv Being Extended to Kever Rachel Which Will be Open on Rosh Hashana

kr1.jpgThe job is not an easy one but rabbonim affiliated with Yerushalayim’s mehadrin eruv are working to include Kever Rachel in time for the Yomim Tovim. The project is a complex one, spanning several kilometers, calling for infrastructure, poles, and running the eruv line. Part of the work is being conducted in an area under PA (Palestinian Authority) control, with workers being protected by security forces.

The request for extending the Jerusalem eruv came from the IDF Chief Rabbinate, seeking to eliminate unnecessary chilul Shabbos by soldiers who at times are compelled to carry equipment from the Jerusalem border to Kever Rachel on Shabbos.

As in past years, there will be davening in Kever Rachel on Rosh Hashanah, and the eruv will also remove any questions regarding walking too far out of the city limits, rabbonim explain. Supervising the project is Rabbi Avraham Moshe Katzenelbogen, who is the posek for the Yerushalayim eruv.

Under the urging of the Admor M’Erlau, the committee has recently completed new sections of the eruv in some southern Yerushalayim areas as well, including Arnona, Katamonim, Gilo, and Armon HaNatziv. The new mehudar eruv was made possible by some generous donations.

The Center for Eruvin in Eretz Yisrael is headed by Rabbi Moshe Berlin and Rabbi Nosson Weineld, considered experts on hilchos eruvin, a breakaway of the Committee for Kedushas Shabbos under the auspices of Rabbi Binyamin Rothstein.

The organization enjoys the support of gedolei Torah from a wide spectrum of the frum community, realizing its focus is to construct and eruv wherever possible to prevent chilul Shabbos.

Additionally, due to strict security regulations it was not possible for Mama Rochel’s children to pray at her kever this Rosh Hashana. With much effort and S’yata D’shmaya Rabbi Moshe Menachem Kluger-Founder of Mosdos Kever Rachel succeeded in getting permission to house 30 people to stay inside at Kever Rachel for the full Yom Tov.

“We arranged festive meals for the participants and sleeping arrangements with beds, sheets and everything else needed to spend these special days at Kever Rachel” says Rabbi Kluger.

You can have your tefillos be forwarded to kever Rachel to be prayed for before Tekias Shofar by calling: 1888-276-2435 or visit

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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