American Soldiers Working to Discover Weapons Tunnels in Gaza


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Working with Egyptian military forces, American soldiers dressed in civilian garb during recent weeks have been working to uncover weapons smuggling tunnels along Philadelphi Route in Gaza.
The effort has already yielded results. Last month, the American experts armed with undisclosed adjuncts for locating the tunnels uncovered 42 tunnels leadings from Sinai to Gaza. The discovery of the tunnels is further increasing tensions between the Gaza-based Hamas regime and Egypt.
The experts from America’s combat engineer corps arrived a number of weeks ago and are continuing to operate along Philadelphi Route, seeking to maintain a low profile, working in civilian clothing.
Israeli experts welcome the American efforts and success, but add that nonetheless, Hamas is far from out of business. Last month, they estimate Hamas smuggled hundreds of RPG rockets, light weapons and ammunition.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)