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Gerrer Chassidim May Not be Supporting Porush

ger.jpgGerrer chassidim are planning to meet this motzei Shabbos. Chassidim will address what is being perceived as a major insult to the Rebbe Shlita by Jerusalem mayoral candidate, Rav Meir Porush.

According to reports, it is expected the chassidim will announce they do not plan to support Porush’s bid in the mayoral race – which may result in chassidim placing a blank slip in voting envelopes since it is most unlikely they will vote for a non-frum candidate. The secular media is already questioning if Yerushalayim’s top spot will no longer be in chareidi hands.

It appears issues surrounding Chinuch Atzmai and statements from Porush regarding Arab sovereignty on Har HaBayis have sparked the separation. Now chassidim feel that “there are those among us who believe they should run things, not gedolei yisrael,” stating Porush’s behavior is an affront to the Rebbe Shlita. Gatherings will be held in three locations, Ashdod, Bnei Brak and Yerushalayim.

Prominent chassidim and community elders are expected to take part in what the chareidi media believes will be a major blow to the Porush campaign. Rav Yaakov Litzman is expected to make the announcement that the chassidus will not support Porush. reports that it is not totally inconceivable that the Gerrer chassidus will spark other chassidim to follow suit and hold meetings to discuss the Porush bid for the Jerusalem leadership.

In another Porush-related matter, the mayoral hopeful on Thursday signed a cooperation agreement with Shas to gain the party’s support. Regarding the Gerrer story, Porush campaign officials declined comment.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

8 Responses

  1. I don’t understand. What does the Gerrer Rebbe shlitoh himself say? If he says they shouldn’t vote for Porush, what do they need the gatherings for. And if he said that they should vote for him, they wouldn’t say differently?

  2. This is one more reson for the Rabbonim to consider asking Meir Porush to withdraw in favor of a re-election bid by Mayor Uri Lupolianski.

  3. I thought that Rav Porush`s statment on har habais were the views of Rav Shach z”tzl. Why is it an insult not to follow the views of the Gerrer Rebbe shlita arent their alot of gedailim in klal yisroel.(Rav Lupoliansky doesn`t follow the views of the Rebbe but had their support?) I think i`m missing something.

  4. All just about money and power. I’m frum and live in Yerushalayim, and I’d vote for Barkat before I’d vote for Porush any day. None of them give a d— about what the average person needs. (Kind of like Lakewood politics, just on a slightly bigger scale.)
    At least Barkat is too rich to be swayed by money, and he might do something that benefits the voters, even the chareidi ones.

  5. Just don’t vote. Who cares about those elections anyway. One corrupt Zionist against the other. It’s a big joke. If it would be ok to vote, I might vote for Gaydamak, as a protest vote. He is the least political candidate. Both Porush and Barkat are, in my eyes, dirty corrupt politicians who are only out for personal gain.

    Gaydamak may be corrupt also, but at least he isn’t part of the ‘system’, making him a little less bad than the others.

  6. Daniel, ridiculous as always.
    Everyone Go and hide your head under the pillow and hope that it all goes away. Voting is dicated by our gedolim, try and think and take some action, rather than the typical “mouth bashing”.

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