Rav Ovadia Yosef Shlita Endorses Meir Porush for Mayor


shas.jpgThe bond has been formed and Shas is openly supporting the only chareidi candidate in the Jerusalem mayoral race, Rabbi Meir Porush. On motzei Shabbos, Rav Ovadia Yosef Shlita invited Porush to join him in his weekly shiur, which is broadcast around the world.

On erev Shabbos, Porush visited Chacham Ovadia in his Har Nof home, where he received his bracha for the mayoral bid. Motzei Shabbos was a public appearance which brings him a step closer to Jerusalem City Hall.

Following the shiur, the Rav called on his followers to vote for the Shas ticket for Jerusalem City Council and Rav Porush for mayor. He gave Porush a bracha for “arichas yomim” and “success”. Rav Ovadia added, “It is not enough to vote, but each one of us must influence others to do the same to ensure his success.”

“While he is Ashkenazi, he also helps the Sephardim,” stated the Rav.

Chacham Ovadia Shlita continued his election instructions to Shas followers, explaining that “in the Heavenly Court we are judged and we must act appropriately,” going on to explain that “by casting a ballot for Porush on 13 Cheshvan, we may earn a higher place in the World to Come since Porush will build mikvaos and continue his good deeds, and we are compelled to ensure his success…. A mikve costs $250,000 and we must take part in building. How can I do this? I barely meet my monthly expenses with my salary,” stated the Rav rhetorically. “By voting for Porush, that’s how! With placing a simple white piece of paper in a ballot box, one buys one’s Olam Haba”.

The Rav concluded his words by stressing the need for everyone to influence family members and friends to vote Porush for the sake of Yerushalayim’s future.

Porush kissed the Rav’s hand and left the event, pleased that at least among Sephardim he enjoys support. The Ashkenazi camp still appears less enthusiastic regarding his mayoral bid.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. This is just a continuation of the politics in Beitar where Porush teamed up with Shas against Degel HaTorah, Ger, and his own Rebbe the Boyaner.

  2. during the past 3 months many ppl criticized shas for staying in the gov, saying that olmert was fooling SHAS and was negotiating jerusalem. This hasnt happened and thus far, thanks to SHAS, livni was not able to assemble a gov that would of negociated jerusalem.
    Shas also realizes that boycotting porush can mean that jerusalem will go to the seculars. Sad that the hassidic and ashkenazi campsare willing to give up the jerusalem so that they can settle old grudges. No wonder Shas has 12-13 seats and UTJ 4 (i think)

  3. Correction, The Boyaner Rebbe Shlit”a was NEVER Meir Porush’s rebbe, just like the Gerer Rebbe was NEVER Menachem Porush’s Rebbe. Meir Porush just hung out around Boyan because his wife is from a Boyaner family.The very name PORUSH is a litvishe name from the prushim. Meir Porush NEVER did anything extrodinary for Boyan that he didn’t do for any other chassidus who was part of Shlomei Emunim.He wasn’t even able to arrange for Boyan to acquire the Kaduri property which is for sale next to Boyan.If Meir Porush had been a Boyaner Chossid he would have subjugated himself to the Rebbe and not gone Rebbe shopping to find other Rebbes to support his aspirations in Beitar!
    It is ironic how in the last election in Beitar he backstabbed Pindrus who he supported in the first election, and now IF he wins Pindrus will be his deputy mayor in Yerushalayim!

  4. Hey gabs911…nice try but Shas did nothing for ideological reasons. It was all for money and you and the entire world knows that. I am afraid that Degel Hatorah may do the same. Looks like the only ones who had it right was the interesting combination of the Brisker Rav ZT”L , Rav Joseph B Soloveithchik ZT”L and Lord Immanuel Jakobovits ZT”L all of whom held there should be no religios paries at all. Eventually they all become corrupt.

  5. shmaltzy ,

    its a known fact that politics lowers the spiritual realm of a person, as it says in masechet meguila concerning mordechai being mentioned first in one pasouk and not in another (bc during the second, he was involved in politics, and therefore not as spiritually elevated as he was before joining..)

    Having said that I hope you can still appreciate all the good SHAS has done.

  6. Yitzd – I’m not sure how you define who is or isnt a chossid of a particular Rebbe but in this case Porush was certainly considered by the Boyaner Rebbe and the Boyaner chassidim as one of their own. It is only because of this that they took his betrayal in Beitar so harshly. He sent all his children and grandchildren to the Boyaner mosdos (not to the Perushim mosdos like Talmud Torah Meah Shearim etc.) and whilst his roots are indeed not in Boyan, he was, until he was thrown out, a true Boyaner chossid. I wish your comment that he would have subjugated himself to his Rebbe would be true but we are dealing with another sort of person…..