Porush Supports Status Quo in Yerushalayim – Including Shame Parade


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porush4.jpgJerusalem mayoral candidate Rav Meir Porush appeared on Channel 10 Television on Monday night, expressing his views on a number of issues on a news magazine program.

Regarding Har HaBayis, Porush denied that he ever stated the holy site should remain under control of the Arabs, stating it and other holy sites are not ours to give away, but he does support the ‘status quo’, meaning he favors the continued Arab Waqf control of Har HaBayis. He stated the Jews should continue running affairs at the Kosel and the Arabs on Har HaBayis.

Porush however pointed out the need to bring Jews back to Yerushalayim, explaining following the 1967 Six Day War, the Jews comprised 72% of Yerushalayim but today, that number is close to 60%. He warned that if we do not change the demographics, in 15 years, the Jews will no longer be a majority in the capital. Therefore he stated that he will work tirelessly to bring Jews back to Yerushalayim, non-religious, chareidi and dati leumi.

When asked to express his opinion regarding the to’eva parade, he stated “obviously I am against it but I realize the Supreme Court will compel the mayor to permit it.” Therefore he explained, he supports the status quo, to permit the current realities dictate future policy as well.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Uh, not sure if you have noticed, but Rav Eliyashiv SUPPORTS HIM…… See this link this morning on YWN??? click here

    So, Mr, realyfrum you are still saying “shame on him!!”? Because if you are, you are pretty much saying “SHAME ON RAV ELIYASHIV”!!

  2. Why would he want to have non-religious Jews move to Yerushalayim? For them to sell ham and bosor v/cholev, chometz on Pesach, and cause more chillul Shabbos, etc? Is that really the kind of Yerushalayim we want?

  3. Moshe Kapora

    I want any Jew and every Jew to want to move to Yerushalayim. Maybe if you stopped spewing hatred towards your bretheren and start loving all Jews, more Jews would see the beuty of a Torah life.

  4. #2 Rav Eliyashiv only supports him because he is the only religious candidate and by the way the being supported by a godal and still not fighting against chilul Yerushalayim is a bigger shame on Porush..

    All he said was that he is against the shame parade (meaning if it were up to him it would not be allowed) and the “supreme court” is responsible for it. Did he really say that he “therefore” will “support” the status quo of its continuation???

  6. This is garbage!!! I was with R’Porush 3 years ago where he sat in King George to brake up the parade!! So you can all say what you want I was there!!!

  7. It’s all politics anyway. Sorry, but I’ve run out of patience with the lot of them. If any of these politicians and parties really cared about anything other than themselves, they would have left Uri Lopiansky, who with all the complaints against him, would have a real chance of winning the elections.

    Instead, we are probably going to be left with Nir Barkat, who is not any particular friend of the Hareidim.