Frum MK to Replace Meretz MK Beilin in Knesset


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Dr. Tzvia Greenfeld, a resident of Jerusalem will be replacing Dr. Yossi Beilin, who announced he has decided not to seek a slot on the left-wing Meretz ticket in the upcoming general elections.

Beilin is expected to submit his resignation in the coming days, at which time Greenfeld will take the oath of office.

Greenfeld, number 6 on the Meretz lineup, was born to a chareidi family, in Yerushalayim, raised in the Beis Yaakov system. She earned a bachelors and masters degree in Hebrew University, studying history and philosophy. She earned her doctorate in political philosophy. She is married to a pediatrician, a former American. They lived for a number of years in the US. They have five children. Following their return from America, they moved to the Har Nof neighborhood of Yerushalayim.

Her political views are controversial among the Shomer Shabbos community. While she considers herself chareidi, many do not agree.

Beilin joined the Knesset in 1992, the 12th Knesset. He began his career in Labor and during his years of service, served in many posts, including but not limited to deputy minister of finance, deputy minister of foreign affairs, minister of economics & planning, minister assigned to the PM’s Office, minister of justice, minister of religious affairs. He also served on many committees.

Dr. Beilin, an architect of the Geneva Plan and staunch supporter of Oslo and other land concession deals, will be leaving the Knesset to pursue business opportunities.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)