Labor Stars Turning Left


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Adding to the party’s waning popularity, senior labor official, Minister Ami Ayalon has announced he is about to break away from the party to join a new developing left-wing political entity.

Ophir Pines, another senior official from the new generation, who quit his cabinet post in protest over Yisrael Beitenu joining the coalition, is signaling he too is looking for a new political home, most likely the left-wing bloc that is forming.

Ayalon met on Wednesday with Meretz leader Chaim Oron, and reports indicate the two are close to a deal.

Barring any last minutes changes, a meeting is scheduled for Friday towards launching a new left-wing coalition that would support Meretz. A number of former Laborites have indicated an interest in joining such a union, including former minister Uri Baram.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)