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Bostoner Rebbe Shlita Calls for Shalom Following Election Violence

bo.jpgThe Bostoner Rebbe Shlita, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Horowitz, has called for a drastic change in the situation between yidden following the recent municipal elections.

The Rebbe in his Shabbos drasha requested the following be distributed. The text is the original Hebrew as it was sent by Igud Mosdos Boston on Sunday.

“During the past two week there were two elections. The first was in the United States and the second in Jerusalem, the holy city.

There, a certain group hoped the winner would be the first black president in America’s history. Here, in Yerushalayim, there was a group that also hoped it would maintain the upper hand.

In America ‘l’havdil’, there was no violence and the other side that was working to have another white president was not bothered. Here too, in Eretz HaKodesh, to our profound sorrow, there was a group with a certain agenda.

boston.jpg(CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE) The difference is that here, there were chareidim engaged in hooliganism and violence towards others.

What a chilul Hashem!

What a pained heart – the realization that we have fallen to such a low level!

It should be His will Who brings peace should bring peace ‘between us’

And he should send Moshiach speedily in our days

Everyone single person should increase efforts towards harmony and do one’s utmost towards Ahavas Yisrael.”

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

12 Responses

  1. I hope all the Bostoner chassidim take this to heart, and if they can persuade all their friend as well, maybe even a minyan of people could be reached!

  2. “What a chilul Hashem!

    What a pained heart – the realization that we have fallen to such a low level!”

    The sad reality is that a day rarely goes by when i don’t think this exactly.

    As many enemies as klal yisroel may have (perceived or real), we have truly become our own worst enemies.

    Hashem yerachem.

  3. Over 20 years ago the Bostoner Rebbe moved to HarNOf in Eretz Yisroel. His main mission has been to increase Ahavas Yisroel. The rebbe’s voice is loud and clear in his love for all. He used to spend a shabbos a yr in Chevron to give chizuk to the holy settlers there, he was one of the only rabbanim to go and visit Gush Katif and then supplied true chesed for the expelled residents when they were housed in hotels in Yerushayalim.
    Who else if not the BOSTONER Tzaddik would be pleading for peace and tranquility?
    If you are going play the game of elections, know before hand that ‘ya win some and lose some’. Grow up and stop being a sore loser. Look in the mirror and understand the reflection of what went wrong, put the fists away and use the sechel instead.

  4. The Bostoner Derech has always been Ahavas Yisroel for all fellow Yiden no matter who they are. The two previous Rebbes, his father and brother ZT”L along with his nephew the Rebbe Shlit”a from Flatbush have all made this their primary focus. Look at all who enter the Bostoner Batei Medrash in Har Nof, Boston, Mass., and Flatbush; welcomed and accepted by all. How many strangers can walk into the Tish in Flatbush and be treated as if they were main vein. Only these two Bostoner Rebbes Shlit”a have constantly opened their door to all walks of life and never restricted anyone based on their level of religion, beliefs or associations. B”H this world still has these two great Tzadikim, the Rebbes Rav L”Y and Rav P”D Shlit”a.

  5. I agree to the da’as of the Bostoner Rebbe shlit”a, that the yidden should make peace. However, I must comment that anybody reading this article should know that:



    A guy can never be compaired to a yid, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is torah that he said in his shul in front of frum yidden, and should not be literely translated and posted for any fry yid or guy to read.

  6. to whocares,
    i don’t know where you get your facts from… but in my gemora it says that if a yid falls then he can fall far lower than the lowest goy! and this has been proven right many times in history. what the rebbe said was said for everyone…

  7. Emes lamito
    If you want to be emes and have ahavas yisroel you would have written an s at the end of the word nephew.
    Be emes or say NOTHING !

  8. # 6 wrote: Only these two Bostoner Rebbes Shlit”a have constantly opened their door to all walks of life and never restricted anyone based on their level of religion, beliefs or associations.

    Really?? Have you ever been to another tish in NY or Yerushalayim other than Boston? I would expect that everyone who follows the ways of the Bal Shem Tov is open to all through ahavas yisroel. I go to the Stoliner tish all the time and to me it seems that everyone is welcome there as well. How about a lubavitch fabreingen? Or maybe Munkatch?

    You comment about ONLY Boston being open to all is pretty immature.

  9. The honor of the first negative comment goes to #1 the Maskil- you really promoted Ahavas Yisroel.
    The Rebbe Shlita is recognized as a Zokain Hador and his holy truthful words fly across the universe.
    Don’t underestimate the Koichas of a Tzadik.
    Rabbosia please, your missing the Rebbes whole point. STOP MACHLOKES.

  10. I think we need to also take a more fundamental look at how to solve this problem. What do we need to change in how we are raising our children so that they don’t engage in hooliganism and violence? One area of many to look at is: are our children being occupied enough with healthy outlets such as sporting activities or acquiring skills?

  11. with respect;
    if i may ask,
    y the need to refer to the actions of the balei machlokes,
    why not just a plea for sholom on all sides?

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