The New Honor & Tradition Party


Many yeshiva students in Bayit Vegan have been signing to register as members of the new Kovod U’Mesoret Party which is being headed by attorney Shlomo Deri, a brother of Aryeh Deri. It is believed that the former Shas leader will direct the operation from outside, and if successful, he will be appointed as a cabinet minister after his moral turpitude clause expires, permitting him to reenter the public arena.

A desk was set up in the Chen Hotel and yeshiva students headed there on Sunday to sign on for the new party. Apparently, at least according to reports from the Chen Hotel on Sunday, the party registered last week, before the deadline, and received an extension until today, Monday.

In a response to the daily Ma’ariv, associates of Deri explained that the former Shas leader would have preferred to remain distant from the political arena until he is permitted to return but he is aware that the lower income families will be hit very hard due to the world economic crisis and he feels compelled to do what he can to assist them. They added that despite Likud’s fanfare lineup, judging from past experiences, Deri is not too hopeful that Likud will do much for the lower income families in need. It was added that Shas too is becoming more chareidi and less concerned with its original platform as a social party.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)