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A Chidush: Hizbullah Violating UN Resolution 1701

In a pathetic announcement, senior security establishment officials announced that Hizbullah forces in southern Lebanon over the weekend conducted military training exercises, calling on the international community to take note that the terrorist organization is in violation of the Second Lebanon War ceasefire agreement, namely UN Resolution 1701. The military exercise was timed to coincide Lebanon’s 65th anniversary of independence.

In Israel, officials point a finger of blame at UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) and Lebanese forces for standing by and permitting the military exercise, seemingly expecting the international community to stop and take notice while Hizbullah has been in violation of 1701 since the day it was accepted by Israel, failing to disarm and comply with the demands of the international community. Intelligence community reports since the war also report that Hizbullah continues to increase and improve its abilities, preparing for the next armed conflict with Israel, with experts confirming the terror organization today is a formidable army with tens of thousands of missiles position in S. Lebanon directed at Israel.

Israeli officials also acknowledge that Hizbullah has stepped-up its presence and activities in southern Lebanon, along Israel’s northern border.

Azmi Bishara, a former Israeli Arab member of Knesset announced that since Israel’s defeat in the Second Lebanon War, Hizbullah has been improving and expanding its abilities and it is clear that any strike against Lebanon by Israel will be costly for Israel.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. soon UNIFIL (or some other international body from the UN) will descend upon Jerusalem….the rest is written in Yehezkel Chapter 38….take a look…its almost here

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