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YWN Readers Learning Mishnayos in Memory Of Kedoshim HY”D

mishnayos.jpgThere are an increasing number of requests for the names of the fathers of the Kedoshim to permit learning mishnayos in their memory. The following has been obtained to date –

Gavriel Noach ben Nachman HY”D
Rivka bas Shimon HY”D
Aryeh Leibish ben Nachum Ephraim HY”D
Bentzion ben Chaim Dov HY”D
Nechama bas Yaakov Eliyahu HY”D

There was an initiative launched by a YWN reader to have the website organize the learning of Mishnayos in memory of the Kedoshim HY”D.

Click HERE to visit the YWN Coffee Room, and perhaps take a Mesachta to learn. (As of this posting, more than half of the Shisha Sidrei Mishnah have been taken.)

If anyone has the names of any additional victims, please send them to YWN to have them added to the list.

(YWN Staff – NYC Headquarters)

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  1. To all fellow YWN readers,

    Many mesechtes were taken, but everyone else can still participate. Especially in this case where RL there are more than one neshomo to learn for.

    To YW Editor: And it might be a good idea to make 5 lists.

    Keep in mind! The more you learn for the neshomom the bigger mailitz yoisher they can be. (It sounds reasonable – but it must be checked out with someone who knows). And in this case the melitza should be keish echod belaiv echod.

  2. Campaign to Promote Achdus
    I am starting a campaign to promote achdus and ahavas yisroel thru ads in the major jewish weekly newspapers. The ads will feature a Maamar Chazal on the importance of achdus, Shalom and Ahavas Yisroel. Please help sponsor a ad. It could be a company sponsorship so your company will be mentioned as a sponsor. I can not do this myself I need your help.
    To sponsor or suggest a maamar chazal, you may email [email protected] or call 718 954 2210.
    Thank You
    Avrohom Rotban

  3. Please note: YWN will not stop accepting names once the list is complete. Our intent is to first account for each Mesachta and then to continue to add names as they are submitted.

    Thank you to all who have signed up and if you have not signed up yet – please do so.

  4. to YW Moderator,

    I think it’s time to move this blog to the top again.

    If the oilom sees it they’ll definitely commit.


  5. The Talmidim of the Edmonton Menorah Academy (elementary age) in Edmonton Canada have taken upon themselves bl”n the following:
    Chagia- perek 1,2,3
    Yuma-perek 1,2
    Menachois-perek 1

    YH”R sheyakitzu veyerannu shochnei ufor tekef umiyad

  6. Both round 1 and 2 have been fully committed to with many mesechtas already having been completed.

    Please update the spreadsheet (see link) to identify when you have completed a Mesechta. If you can’t get access to the file, post either here or in the coffee room and I will update the file.

    Being as shloshim is 1-Teves, perhaps YW Editor can put a reminder/update back on page 1.

    additionally, the name of the sixth victim is Yocheved bas Avrohom

    Thank you.

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