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Looking for $5,000 Left in Mumbai Chabad House

zaka1.gifAttorney Mordechai Tzivin has turned to the Israel Foreign Ministry on behalf of his client, who reports he deposited $5,000 in the safe in the Mumbai Chabad House, and he would like the money back following the tragedy. The request was sent in the form of a letter to ministry legal counsel, Ehud Keinan.

Tzivin stated that he believes the money is now being held in the Israeli diplomatic mission in Mumbai.

Ministry officials investigated the matter, and in the response to Tzivin report that the money is not in the consulate, but it was taken by Zaka officials operating in the Chabad House following the terror attack.

Tzivin explains that he knows for a fact that many visitors to Mumbai, hikers and businessmen alike, would deposit money in the Chabad House safe to avoid having to move around with sums of cash. He explains that his client brought the money as an advance to a lawyer, and unfortunately he has no receipt or proof, and now, he is concerned he may lose the sum of money.

In response to the report, a Zaka official report the safe is in the hands of family members of the Kedoshim, the Holtzbergs, and it will be opened following the shiva.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel

4 Responses

  1. why cant the safe be opened now? I’m sure they are allowed to take care of this in the shiva. If the money is there, then they would find it as they claimed.

  2. we are being fed a story,come on,you know there is probably more to it,wait till next week for 5k,no big deal.probably it is not right to open it without the aveilim and waiting a few days is no big deal

  3. I can’t believe what I’m reading six Kidoshim were murdered and this guy wants the safe opened ”now” for his measly 5k. What is wrong with these people.

  4. I dont think hes saying he wants it now now… hes just putting it out on the table -if he wouldnt of said anything now then the ministry or whoever would of said why r u telling us this 3 weeks after the incident its too late now.. i dont blame him and this has nothing to do with the kedoshim!! im sure he respects what happened.

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