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IDF Will Not Hesitate to Respond to Rocket Attacks

iag22.jpgA senior security official stated on Thursday, “We will not sit quietly while Hamas continues to engage the entire area in warfare,” explaining the IDF will indeed respond to ongoing rocket attacks now that Hamas has rejected a renewal of the ceasefire.

The source stated that it is obvious to all that Hamas stopped adhering to the ceasefire sometime ago, but now, it is more obvious that the ceasefire is over and Israel will respond appropriately to attacks.

Nevertheless, most feel that the IDF will not enter into a major ground operation in Gaza, and it is clear to all that Labor leader Defense Minister Ehud Barak is seeking to avoid a major Gaza operation at all costs ahead of the Feb. 10th general election.

In the meantime, the current realities spells an increase in attacks for southern area residents are preparations are underway for increased warfare. Bomb shelters that were closed in some areas are being reopened and residents are stocking up on water and other basic supplies in an effort to prepare for prolonged stays in shelters.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. There is a mashol to apply here: A crazy man that boarded a ship started to drill holes into the bottom of the ship. When the Captain found out about this he ordered his crew to fill up any holes that this guy made. As they filled up one hole he created another which they would then proceed to fill up while he started yet another. This went on and on until finally the whole floor became one huge conglomeration of filled up holes. Being more stucco than wood the floor caved into the pressure from the water below and the ship sank.

    The Nimshol: Stop putting on band aids on the wounds (retaliation attacks) and start REALLY dealing with the problem (take out Hamas COMPLETELY). Unfortunately, this is most likely our only solution so long as the Palestinians don’t “truly” want peace.

  2. “We will not sit quietly while Hamas continues to engage the entire area in warfare.”

    Ha ha ha ha! What a joke! Ma Nishtana hayom haze mekol hayomim? Bubee Maisos!

  3. Hit the savagaes hard and relentlessly day and night from the air. The IAF has the power and it must be used. If the world objects just keep on coming at them and ignore the media and the protests. Not one more drop of Jewish blood should be spilled. It’s them or us and I would rather it be them that suffers. ENOUGH ALREADY DESTROY THEM COMPLETLY!!

  4. Understanding the politians in Eretz Yisrael is really very simple. No matter how logical it may seem to us that the answer here is to destroy the terrorists TOTALLY, as long as the so-called “leaders” are NOT ma’ameenim, they believe their existance depends on doing the will (not of HaSh-m) but of washington d.c., i.e. clinton, then bush, soon obama, etc. Don’t expect any significant change after the next upcoming election. Remember sharon was considered a major “right-wing hawk”, – and HE gave Gush Katif to the enemy. Once anyone that is not a true, strong ma’ameen ba’Sh-m, feels the pressure of washington, they ALL cave in. So… what IS the answer… only Mashiach, may he arrive VERY soon!

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