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Former POW Calls to Assist Shalit Now

Former Israeli POW Nissim Salim is coming out and calling for immediate action to save Gilad Shalit, who he states with certainty is not doing well. This week, 913 members of youth organizations will place kvitlach in the Kosel, a project spearheaded by Salim, who says Shalit has been permitted to remain captive for too long.

To date, Salim, who was released by Syria in the 1985 Jibril deal has refrained from voicing an opinion regarding POWs but he now explains “I will never forgive myself if anything happens to Shalit. I must speak out.”

“I was held in solitary for three years and in great distress and I believe this is Gilad’s fate too. They continuously abuse you, physically and emotionally,” he states, adding “I know they are doing this to him too. I do not wish what I endured and what he is going through on anyone.”

The kvitlach will be placed in the Kosel on the third day of Chanukah, Shalit’s 913th day in captivity. A special ceremony will be held followed by Chanukah menorah lighting.

Salim explains “I see that I must speak out. I must make certain that we do not permit him to suffer the same fate as Ron Arad.”

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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