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Opposition Leader Netanyahu Releases a Statement

bibi2.jpgOpposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu on motzei Shabbos released a statement of support for the government’s decision to launch a military offensive against Hamas-controlled Gaza.

There is a time for disagreement and a time for unity. This is the time for unity and we stand together as the artillery roars and we are ready to send a message to our enemies and the world – that Israel will indeed return security to its residents and that the blood of her citizens will not be abandoned.

In another related matter, Shas Party leader Eli Yishai on motzei Shabbos announced it was suspending its election campaign as the nation focuses on the IDF operation against Gaza-based terrorism.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. yea,Bibi, its the same o,same o, Koichi V’oitzem Yudi. will get you no-where. Lets give g-d some credit too. its like talking to the wall. And I am not a preacher.I am a fighter.

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