VIDEO: YWN Interviews IDF Soldiers


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i.jpgVIDEO LINK BELOW: The following video is YWN speaking with two IDF soldiers who were just moments away from entering Gaza, and all they had were words of thanks for the HEART Team who came to give them much needed Chiuzuk. The first soldier interviewed specifically requested that Klal Yisroel keep his name in their Tefilos. His name is Ezra Avrohom ben Yocheved Chana.

May he, along with all members of the IDF be successful in their missions, and return back to their bases safely.

YWN VIDEO LINK: Click HERE for the YWN video.


  1. That was like a breadth of fresh air to hear our fellow Yidden who serve in the army gaining support from Fellow Yidden and putting there trust in G-d. Nice to see different factions presented in the same army all fighting for a united purpose let’s learn from them and try to be b’achdus to gain zechusim We need every single one and let’s hope this war be over asap and it shuld be the last. Amen