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Rockets & Gunfire Hit Southern Israel on Tuesday Morning

ywnisrael7.jpgSirens sounded in southern Israel at about 10:45am Tuesday morning. Rockets landed in the Gaza-belt area. Baruch Hashem, there were no injuries.

At about 12:30pm, terrorists opened fire at soldiers operating in the area of Kissufim Crossing. A second shooting attack took place about 20 minutes later. Baruch Hashem, there were no injuries in either case.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. I am sure you must be mistaken, because Olmert said that if the truce is violated, there would be huge and swift Israeli retaliation (and there has not been.) I am shocked that YWN would suggest that an honest man like Olmert would lie!

  2. when it comes to the state of Israel, the behavior of their leaders, world opinion, we all know that there is such clear and open total lack of logic and reason, and predominance of exactly opposite logic. and the world does not wonder at this. and even we have become jaded to this, it is so everpresent.
    it is Haskgachah Pratis pouring over us like a tidal wave. it should, if we werent so thick skinned, drive us to passionately come closer to our Father in Shamayim.

  3. If we do not react in force to each break in the cease fire it means an insult to all the brave soldiers who fought in our Gaza this time. Some gave their life, some their health and physical abilities. We are acting like a people in exile, not like Am Jisrael in the Land of Israel.

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