Bereaved Family Plans to Track Released Terrorists


72.jpgMeir Schijveschuurder, an attorney and a member of a bereaved family, is promoting his Eye for an Eye organization, seeking to act against any and all terrorists released by Israel in a prisoner exchange deal for Gilad Shalit.

While the media calls the organization An Eye for an Eye, Shmuel Schijveschuurder insists the organization’s name is Machon Wiesenthal Eretz Yisrael (The Wiesenthal Eretz Yisrael Institute).

Unfortunately, the name Schijveschuurder is all too well known, synonymous with the infamous Sbarro terror attack of August 2001, an attack that rocked downtown Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael and the entire Jewish population around the world. The scene of the August 9th attack is engrained in the minds of many, an attack that snuffed out 15 lives, including five members of the Schijveschuurder family, parents Mordechai (43) and Tzira (41), as well as three children, Ra’ava (14), Yitzchak (4) and Chemda (2), leaving five children, two daughters who were injured in the bombing attack along with dozens of others, and three brothers who were not present.

Shmuel Schijveschuurder explains his organization plans to monitor every terrorist released by Israel, to hound them day and night until justice is meted out by the judicial system. He is working with his brother Meir, who today is an attorney.

Shmuel on Monday stated he is totally among the supporters calling for the release of Gilad Shalit, but questions why the government has failed to do anything other than entertain the release of terrorists. When asked to detail, he explained the very minimum would include a halt of all funds to the PA (Palestinian Authority), explaining money given to PA Fatah leader Abu Mazen is the same as money handed directly to Hamas in Gaza.

Shmuel also explained that Marwan Barghouti and others are included on the list of terrorists to be released, stating matter-of-factly that three of the terrorists, including a female, were involved in the Sbarro attack which destroyed his family and the families of others.

In an interview given to the daily Yediot Achronot, Shmuel says “we will hound them and never let up until justice is exacted” in regard to the release of terrorists.

Shmuel explains that when he was sitting shiva, he received a promise from Ariel Sharon that the female terrorist apprehended for her role in the attack would never see the light of day, and now, a number of years later, we see a different reality.

According to Shmuel, a number of members of bereaved families have recently begun fundraising efforts to finance their activities, hoping to gather intelligence information on the terrorists, hoping to use the judicial system against them.

“There is no difference between organizations, Hamas or Fatah” he explains, pointing out that Marwan Barghouti’s cousin Ahmed, who played a hand in the devastating Park Hotel suicide bombing attack during Pessach seder is officially part of Fatah, yet maintains close ties with Hamas and other terror organizations.

“We have a profile on most of the murderers, including information pertaining to their families,” explains Meir. He explains that the parents of one of the terrorists involved in Sbarro have a pizza shop in Jenin, adding he has their address as well, seeking to deliver the point that they have amassed a fair amount of data on the terrorists and their relatives. First on their list is the female terrorist who planned the Sbarro attack in detail, pointing out she never ceased to smile during the entire trial.

Shmuel explains they hope to track her down and stay on her tail following her release, drawing a parallel to the Simon Wiesenthal Center which is dedicated to hunting down Nazis and using the judicial system against them. “We have no complaints against the government of Israel but as soon as the government has decided to stop punishing the terrorists, we must take over. The terrorists will be better off remaining in prison with all the conditions they receive.”

“Outside of prison, they will not know restful nights. We will hunt them down and track down every last one of them. We will act in accordance to international and PA law which prevails over them in their places of residence. We will not deviate in the slightest. That is to say, prison is their best option.”

Another member of the organization who tracks released terrorists reports at least 20% return to commit acts of terror following their release. “We are in the midst of completing the operational plan which includes not only inside the PA autonomous areas, but worldwide operations”.

Members of the organization explain they will act towards every terrorist in accordance to the law of the land in which he/she is found. “If we get to Germany or Holland, we will turn to the local courts”.

One of the organizers explains the plan demands a budget of $5 million, stating a portion of that sum has already been collected.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)