An Officer and a Gentleman


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Former IDF Chief of Staff MK Moshe Ya’alon has informed Premier-designate Binyamin Netanyahu that he is willing to step down as defense minister-designate to clear the way for Labor leader Ehud Barak to enter the coalition government.

Speaking to Israel Radio’s Reshet Bet, the senior Likud official stated he supports Labor’s inclusion in the coalition and as such, he feels compelled to do his part to bring this to fruition.

Netanyahu’s office released a message praising his decision, stating he was chosen for the slot due to his integrity, professional abilities and wealth of experience, adding it is praiseworthy that he willingly places the national agenda ahead of his own personal gain.

While party seniors are applauding the humility of Ya’alon, many voters may be less than pleased since they raised their hands in favor of Likud, not Labor, looking for a new defense minister.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. “Gentleman” in that phrase indicates a feudal rank above that of lowly serf and peasant. It is basically the entry point to being part of the nobility (still a commoner, but on the way up).

    Among equivalent concept among Jews would indicate not landed wealth or status in a feudal pyramid, but be “Shomer mitsvos” or being a “Ben Torah”

    Therefore “gentlemen” is a mistranslation of the concept. In Jewish tradition, someone who chooses a career of a warrior rather than as a scholar is no gentleman.

    P.S. Given that Likud was no where near 60 seats, and couldn’t put together a 60 seat coalition without a Left wing party, it seems most votes are pleased. Far more votes preferred Labor or Kadimah than Likud.

  2. BIG MISTAKE! “he willingly places the national agenda ahead of his own personal gain.” – The national agenda is that we DAVKA need someone of his ability and integrity as defense minister! For him to move aside so an anti-Eretz Yisrael left-wing hack politician like barak can come in is a DOUBLE loss for the country! HaSh-m Yirachaym!

  3. To #1 – You said “far more… preferred Labor or kadima than Likud”. That is not true. A FEW more did, but only a few, NOT “far more”. As you know Israel has (too) many political parties, so even though Kadima DID get a FEW more votes than Likud, the right wing parties as a whole got MANY more votes than the left wing. The fact that Likud may bring a left wing party into the coalition, is NOT something they HAVE to do, but something they choose to do, – something that in my opinion is a big mistake. By the way, despite your “diyuk” on the word ‘gentleman’, Yaalon, though not a shomer Shabbas (yet) IS a gentleman and a mentsch – something EXTREMELY rare in politics. He gave up his career rather than let Sharon force him expel the Jews of Gush Katif. A mentsch “warrior” that devotes his skills to defending Jews should not be under attack here.