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Captain Shapiro to Receive the IDF Chief of Staff Award

Captain David Shapiro become a national hero when he responded to the sound of gunfire in Jerusalem’s Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva last year, eliminating the terrorist who managed to murder eight students of the yeshiva, leaving others injured.

The IDF Central Command awards committee has decided that on Yom HaAtzma’ut, Shapira will be among the soldiers and officers awarded citations for exemplary service.

Shapira was not on duty when the shots rang out in the yeshiva, which he is all too familiar with, having studied there and davens there regularly on Shabbos. He did not hesitate and left his wife and children and grabbed his weapon, responding to what he already knew as a terror attack. Shapira is credited with saving countless lives, succeeding in eliminating the lone terrorist who was firing indiscriminately in every direction.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. I just love it when the anti-frum leftists call the frum in Israel “parasites”. For your consideration… 1) The above mentioned fellow who ended the Merkaz HaRav massacre -FRUM, 2) The fellow who chased down-on a bicycle!- the first bulldozer attacker and killed him – FRUM, 3)The fellow who shot the second bulldozer attacker – FRUM, 4) One of the fellows who ran at and shot the third bulldozer attacker just 2 weeks ago – a Rosh Mesivta! – Not to mention the fact that while the left loves to talk about chareidim who get yeshiva army exemptions, they never talk about the fact that the MAJORITY of those who seek out exemptions from the army in a variety of ways, are the NOT frum, AND more and more the most elite combat units are composed of frum young men! Parasites? I don’t think so!!!

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