School Principal: Violent Dad Must Pay the Price


arrest5.jpgThe principal of a Kiryat Gat religious public school was visibly shaken up by the assault against her on Monday by the father of an 11th grade student, a girl who was asked to return home and change her skirt.

The principal explained that all she did is point out to the high school junior that her skirt did not conform to modesty regulations. She was not expelled, but rather instructed to go home and change and return to class immediately.

The student however opted to phone her dad, who arrived at school and angrily approached the principal, pushing her against a wall and then violently grabbing her and shaking her from side-to-side, smashing her head into a wall and shouting threats, including “I’ll kill you”.

The principal managed to flee to the teachers’ room and the enraged father, who sports a kippa, followed while shouting threats. The assault continued until police arrived, who promptly placed dad under arrest.

The girl’s family has been phoning the principal to apologize for the incident but she remains adamant to press charges, stating the assault was brutal. “I was scared for my life” she added, stating the father must be punished under the full weight of the law.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)