IDF Commander Stands Behind Military’s Moral Operational Level


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In response to allegations that IDF soldiers during Operation Cast Lead fired intentionally at a woman and children, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gabi Ashkenazi has stated any failure to adhere to the military’s moral code will be met with immediate appropriate actions.

An investigation was ordered into the alleged “war crimes” allegations of the intentional firing at the civilians, and the military has learned the victims of this shooting are alive and well, quite well, contrary to the testimony of the soldiers of the Yitzchak Rabin pre-IDF course affiliated with Oranim Academic College. While the investigation is still ongoing, sources involved in the probe state that they are pleasantly surprised by the exemplary conduct of the soldiers involved, which is substantiated by the facts in the case.

The source was quick to add that is not to say there are no cases of violations and breaches of the moral code, and those violations will be appropriately addressed.

IDF military police is conducting its own investigation in addition to Ashkenazi’s appointed investigators, which is also still ongoing.

Addressing a military ceremony, Ashkenazi reiterated he position, that he stands behind the IDF, the “most moral army in the world,” adding any documented digression from acceptable behavior would be addressed appropriately.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)