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Landau: Water Crisis Looming Due to Another Drought Winter

Minister of National Infrastructure Dr. Uzi Landau in his press conference on Monday announced the nation is on the verge of a water crisis as a result of another winter drought which compels the government to implement emergency measures.

After a fifth consecutive winter of inadequate rainfall explained the minister, emergency measures must be implemented to preserve the Kinneret and maximize the nation’s potable water supply.

Landau stated that towards increasing water conservation, additional inspectors will be hired to monitor compliance as well as levying a water tax for usage exceeding allocated amounts. Towards a longer-term solution, efforts must be substantially increased in the sphere of water desalination.

In accordance with the emergency plan, fines will be levied for over usage, stating for example a family of four using more than 380 cubes annually would pay a NIS 4,000 fine. (An average family of four would generally use 240 cubes annually).

Beginning May 1st, it is prohibited to water private lawns during the summer months, including nighttime watering. In addition, water allocations for farmers are being cut towards maximizing the limited supply of water.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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