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Chareidi Politicians Meet Over Court Ruling Closing Kiryat Yovel Shul

Chareidi elected officials met on Thursday in the Jerusalem City Hall complex to discuss the Jerusalem District Court ruling prohibiting mispalalim in Kiryat Yovel from davening in a store front which they rented for that purpose. They reject the court’s ruling, which they view as closing a shul due to “procedural technicalities”.

The city attorney, Yossi Chavilov, explains the area was zoned as a business district and therefore, the store cannot be used as a shul.

One must realize the minyan has moved to a number of locations, from an apartment to building lobby to a private home and to a storefront, always the subject of objections from area residents opposed to the neighborhood’s growing chareidi presence. The elected officials stated it is simply unacceptable that in the Jewish capital, residents are truly hounded and prohibited from holding a Shabbos minyan.

15 Jerusalem councilmen from Shas, Yahadut HaTorah, Ichud HaLeumi and the National Religious Party took part in the meeting.

Following the intervention of Mayor Nir Barkat, it appears Chavilov has backed down and the neighborhood’s chareidi community received a 45-day extension before the court’s decision is implemented in the hope of finding a solution.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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