Chareidi Families Heading for Haifa?


With the housing shortage for young couples reaching critical proportions, with many young chareidi couples living in basements, storage rooms and in cramped accommodations in the homes of parents, it now appears hundreds of families may be setting their sights on affordable housing in Haifa, Laadat reports.

It appears that Karliner Chassidim are behind the effort, first looking into inexpensive housing in the Shomron community of Emanuel, where 20 units are available. It appears that this fell through or fails to satisfy the need, prompting the chassidim to look elsewhere.

Organizers of the project began doing their research and looking nationwide in the hope of finding a solution. This solution appears to be in lower Haifa, where second hand apartments are available at a relatively affordable price. The Karliner askanim then decided to spread the news, and it now appears that other chassidim are joining in, including Boyan, Vishnitz and Sanz-Karlin. There is also significant interest being exhibit by Toldos Aaron.

Askanim are expected to visit Haifa next week to inspect the properties available towards making a decision if they will move ahead in Haifa.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)