NIS 8 Million Mehadrin Beach


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While many chareidim are seen among the guests in Dead Sea hotels, their presence on the beach is not a commonplace sight. This may soon change as a mehadrin beach costing NIS 8 million is being constructed towards accommodating chareidim, a move that is expected to attract frum vacationers to the area in greater numbers.

The Tamar Regional Council is constructing a separate beach in the Chamei Zohar area near the Moriah Hotel, an area about 15 dunam (about 3.5 acres), with a four meter (yard) concrete wall dividing the areas designated for men and women. The beach will include dressing/changing areas, showers, restrooms, umbrellas and more. The new beach, officials promise, will be on a standard not yet seen in Israel, with an expected completion date of six month.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)