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Israel: Report: 60 Missionaries Underwent Giyur

amar.jpgDuring a meeting with Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar Shlita, HaRav HaGaon Sholom Dov Lifshitz Shlita presented the rav with a detailed list of 60 missionaries who underwent giyur in Eretz Yisrael and are today active in their missionary work.

The rav explained to the chief rabbi, who is the GAVAD of the Supreme Rabbinical Court and oversees all giyur, explained Yad L’Achim has documented the 60, which includes people undergoing giyur and those who are already certified as Jews.

The list presented to HaGaon Rav Amar Shlita includes the identity numbers and addresses of the 60, explaining during the giyur process they hid their true belief in the New Testament, and today, are infiltrated in frum area, their children attending frum schools, and thereby posing a serious risk to the community. The dayanim were unaware the group remained faithful to ‘that man” and continue to promote their belief whenever given the opportunity.

Rav Amar explained the process and the questions put to the candidates, but Rav Lifshitz added that the believers in “that man” cannot deny certain inherent beliefs and therefore, one only need to know how to phrase the question — in a way that they will not deny their belief.

Rav Amar expressed his shock over the report, thanking Rav Lifshitz for the details pertaining to the missionaries.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Nu. So what are they going to do to prevent this from happening?
    This is why the Rabbanut should NOT be authorized for Giyur.
    I know a rav who works with Gerim. He works with Rav Karelitz’s Beis Din(they average about 15 a week), though not affliated directly with them. One women came to him to do Giyur and something seemed strange about her. But she had references from Rebbeim at the Mir and many other respectable insitutions. This rav asked her spefically to say phrases which a beliveing xtian would be forbidden to say. She couldn’t. He called Yad L’Achim and sure enough, she had been in the country 6 years illegally and one of the biggest known missionaries! Since this rav had all her information, Yad Lachim was successful in getting her kicked out- and banned from returning-to Israel.

    This is a serious problem in the Rabbanut and must be dealt with.

  2. What’s so hard to figure out? Just ask “do you believe j is/was the mashiach?” If Yes, then GOOD-BYE!

  3. Rabbi of Berlin-
    I know this rabbi personally,know the Yad L’Achim representative spoken with and this Rabbi has all the references as well. Never once did the references think to ask this lady to say something like “that man is not G-D”.
    This story was also in the HaModia last year,just after this women was kicked out of the country. If you want to ask me any other questions about this, please post your email address. I’ll be happy to answer them as best I can.

  4. You can catch lying missionaries like this, because their religious belief is that Anybody that denies that jesus is the messiah, loses their salvation.

    I saw in a chat program swarming with missionaries, they would come into an orthodox chat room.

    Everybody entering the chat room was asked about 10 questions.
    Do you believe that Jesus is the messiah?
    And they were forced to give a one word answer.
    “Accept” or “Deny”.
    And they were asked for YESHU (‘cos sometimes they pretend they don’t know who jesus is!)

    Lying missionaries are caught in this manner. They will lie but they are not willing to lose their salvation, they won’t lie at that cost!

    It’s common for them to avoid answering these questions. That’s a sign that they are a missionary. Saying the question is nasty or rude, and taking offence to it. Or trying all sorts of things to get out of it! Any jew would easily answer them , especially given the important reason why they need to be asked. To weed out missionaries.

  5. Not every rav thinks to ask questions of former religious belief before accepting them into the community, before giyur, unfortunately. Some people are too accepting.

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