Litzman Makes Surprise Visits to Ein Kerem and MDA HQ


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litzman.jpgContinuing his policy of surprise visits, Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman on Thursday night made surprise visits to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital and Jerusalem’s Magen David Adom HQ.

Since taking office, Litzman, who is in essence the acting minister, announced he would be making surprise visits to medical facilities and hospitals around the country as a matter of policy, permitting him to evaluate the operations of institutions under his ministry’s responsibility in a realistic fashion.

Litzman entered the MDA building and waited at the Terem emergency clinic, evaluating the patient-handling time and the medical staff’s treatment of patients. He was reportedly quite impressed. He also met with a number of chareidi MDA volunteers who recognized him and thanked them for their holy work on behalf of the tzibur.

Litzman has visited other hospitals in a similar fashion since taking office, pleased with the outcome of the unannounced inspections, which to the credit of hospitals to date have resulted in positive reports.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. MDA and Terem are not in the same building any more. Haven’t been for a year or so.

    Terem is now in the Beit Yahav building on Rechov Yirmeyahu, opposite Ichud Hatzoloh, in the same building as the Chief Rabbinate’s offices. Opposite the exit of Rechov HaTzvi (the road to the back entrance of the tachana merkazit).

  2. #1. Pleeaaase! I live in a hareidi community in Israel and Thanks to the Most High for MDA. Are we trying to Serve the Almighty or ourselves. Assur assur assur anger anger anger. Thank God he had good reports! how many sick? how many babies are born? how much care do we need now? Instead of complaining, I hope that the Almighty opens your eyes to see hear that He is taking care of us and giving us opportunities, all of which are true gifts, and that you, too, can bring light into the world and Thank HaShem, only, for this one, too.

  3. To #1- 1)Why is it assur? 2)If you read the article he only met with chareidi volunteers because they recognized him. THEY went over to him.