Shabbos Goy Suit in Tel Aviv Labor Court Unsuccessful


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courthammer3.jpgA lawsuit filed by goyim employed in Bnei Brak’s Maynei HaYeshua Hospital seeking additional compensation for being the institution’s shabbos goyim was not successful. The workers took their case to the Tel Aviv Labor Court, demanding payment according to the law which says a Jew who works on shabbos R”L must received additional pay. The same does not hold true for non-Jews however. The petitioners told the court they view themselves as Jews in the true sense of the word, and therefore, they are entitled to the extra pay.

Justice Shmuel Tannenbaum however accepted the hospital’s position, explaining that only after the hospital’s rav was consulted was the decision made to hire the shabbos goyim. It was explained to them upon starting to work that the job description is suitable for non-Jews only, and as such, they are being hired.

The hospital also maintained that never during their employ did any of the goyim approach hospital administration to tell them they view themselves as Jews or seek Shabbos off.

The court ruled in favor of Maynei HaYeshua, stating it was clear they were hired specifically as non-Jews and their contention that they view themselves as Jews is invalid for the purpose of the proceeding.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. This reminds me of when my zyda a”h went to work for a certain branch of the govt, there were people complaining about how he wouldnt work Shabbos but would work Motzai Shabbos and Sunday at time and a half while the goyim werent working those shifts.

    BH BH BH, HKBH put the right words in his mouth when he asked them if they would be willing to work all the goyish holidays such as cratzmich, turkey day, etc., for time and a half. They said they wouldnt and that was the end of that.

  2. all you have to do is check if the suit is shatnez?

    if they are shabbos goyim, the suit can be shatnez

    ditto their arba canfot!

    of course, if thety’re flipinos, its obvious.

    as for arabs, they are NOT allowed to be employed anywhere, ESP in a hospital!!!

  3. Unfortunately, most of those I work with would rather get the extra bucks and work on their holiday than get the day off. As a result when I offer to work those days in exchange for getting my yomim tovim off, no one is too impressed.