Update on Meah Shearim Mom


ywnisrael2.jpgEarlier on Tuesday, it was reported that psychiatrist Dr. Yaakov Weill recanted his mental evaluation of the mother, stating that he “did not have the tools” to make the clinical assessment presented to the Jerusalem court. Dr. Weill stated that he cannot state the mother does not pose a danger to her children as indicated in the papers submitted to the court.

In a letter obtained by YWN Israel from Katzar.net, written by Dr. Weill two days ago to the Jerusalem district health ministry head psychiatrist, Dr. Moshe Klein, Weill seeks to protect himself, stating he does not want either side to draw conclusions that may have negative consequences.

He explains that after reevaluating his clinical evaluation letter that was submitted to the court, which included the sentence “in my professional opinion, the patient may continue parenting (stating the name of the hospitalized toddler) without posing any danger”. He explains that he “lacked the tools” to arrive at such a conclusion.

In a later portion of the letter he adds, “I wish to state that I do not mean to hint that Mrs. — poses any danger to her children. In my opinion, in order to evaluate this aspect of the evaluation, significantly more information and time are needed”.

This latter portion of the letter was not included when the state earlier today announced the doctor recanted on his statement, announcing the expert opinion that claimed “the mother does not pose a danger to her children” is no longer valid.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. is there any mental health proffesional on YW that can tell us if this is a normal thing to happen? Do psycaitrists often “recant” an evaluation like that? Or does this smell a bit fishy?

  2. Psychiatry is not a science. It is an art, with many fakes, phonies, and frauds.

    The “Diagnosis” of Munchkin’s Disease (MunchHausen?) is an egregious example of Psychiatric fraud, perfectly suited to the purpose of covering-up malpractice and experimentation on a helpless child.

  3. #3, Psychiatry is a science, as well. Physiology of the brain is part of the practice of psychiatry. Nonetheless, it is filled with fakes, phonies, frauds, and drug pushers.

  4. According to excerpts from Dr. Weil’s letter published on Hadrei Hareidim, he writes that apart from the one sentence about not having the tools to evaluate her “danger”, he holds by everything else he wrote in the original letter. He is quoted as writing in the letter: “The results of the examinations I conducted on her do not justify any suspicion that a diagnosis of Munchausen’s syndrom is an appropriate diagnosis. I am amazed at how a team of pediatricians could arrive at such a diagnosis for an adult woman without the involvement of a specialist who examined her. Conclusion: Mrs. Y.M. does not have a psychiatric disease and she is psychiatrically normal, like all the mothers in her community. I did not find any mental deficiency and did not find anything to support a diagnosis of Munchausen. In my professional estimation the woman I examined may continue to perform her parenting functions with regard to all her children without danger.”

    In his “retraction” he states he still holds with everything else he wrote in the original letter except for the last sentence, which he now feels that he does not have the tools to make any determination of any kind, either positive or negative. This means that he still holds that the woman is psychiatrically healthy and that a diagnosis of Manchausen’s syndrome is not justified. And seemingly even this weak “retraction” was done only in response to intense pressure on him.