Chareidim Tied to International Drug Ring


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arrest4.jpgAccording to Chareidim, a chareidi resident of Yerushalayim was taken into police custody by police over two weeks ago in Brazil. At the time of the arrest, he was in possession of a “large quantity” of drugs. Israeli authorities amassed the evidence, filing a request with Brazilian authorities to make the arrest.

The suspect has been identified as a 56-year-old male, married, with children. It appears the man has a police record, involving money laundering, and police have been monitoring him over recent years.

Chareidim adds that some family members confirm the details of the report while others state the arrest surrounds smuggling gold, not dealing in drugs.

In related sad news, Chareidim also reported about a month ago that a Betar Illit resident was apprehended in London with 7kg (15 lbs) of cocaine worth $1 million. Once again, the arrest was in response to an Israel Police request.

Chareidim further reports that Israel Police officials are signaling the arrests are the “tip of the iceberg”, indicating there are many more planned in what appears to be a an international drug ring, stating future arrests will be made in Israel and abroad. Police are not releasing details, but believe the cases in London and Brazil are indeed connected.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. I find that Yeshiva World continues to create Chiullul Hashem by advertising each and every crime done by Yiddin. I would like to suggest that Yeshiva World focus on the unparallel Chessed being done within the Torah community instead. I need not know of every detail of every Yid that either did or did not fall to the Yeitzer Horah on one occassion. Rather, let’s use this forum to highlight all that’s good in Klal Yisroel – and there’s far more good in Klal Yisroel than these few stories Yeshiva World keeps finding.

  2. Flash – I sincerely hope you are joking!
    You remind me of the man that killed his parents, and then asked the judge for mercy because he was an orphan!!!

  3. There has been a major degeneration of the meaning of the word “Haredi.” Like the word Chasid, it has been hijacked and instead of describing a level of Avodas HaShem, these words have come to mean members of certain communities identified by their EXTERNAL appearance. The concept of Haredi means one who shakes or quakes with fear before HaShem. Fear of doing an Aveirah! To refer to someone who openly defies the Torah as Haredi makes as much sense as calling an enthusiastic participant of a BBQ a vegetarian. I suggest that an effort be made to find a different label for these people. My personal suggestion is HIZTONI. That was the term used by CHAZAL to describe those whose Yiddishkiet was entirely external and had no real goal of Avodas HaShem.

  4. I don’t condemn YW for reporting these incidents. Perhaps by publicizing the chilul hashem that these events represent, it will make someone think twice before committing these illegal acts. It’s Elul. It’s wake-up time for all yidden.

  5. Shame on us! Say tehilim and send money for pidyun shvuim? Are you kidding?
    Than they send runners, young frum boys to Japan who end up getting arrested and we should say tehilim for them too. Were the police picking on them too? Will Satmar have more demonstrations against the Govt of Israel for arresting them falsely too?
    Have these crimes being going on in the frum community until now too or is people becoming more desperate.
    Where are the Rabonim speaking out against these crimes or are they just happy to take the money of these criminals?

  6. #4 – I think that is really the problem. We have been so busy highlighting what we think is so great about ourselves that we forgot to teach (apparently many people) how to follow halacha, how to have derech eretz, how to act. How about instead of ignoring or hiding bad things that happen in our community, as we often do, we talk about them and use them as a learning experience.

  7. To FLASH:

    You don’t want their names for pidyon shvuyim or tehillim, you want their names because you want to know who they are, at least be honest about it. The fact that they are yiddin and have done something wrong is not shocking at all, which is really quite sad. However, why should they not be penalized for breaking the law??

  8. “Please print their names so we can say tehillim and send money for pidyon shvuim.!!!!!!!”

    Pidyon shvuim applies to Jews. But the Torah tells us that there are classes of Jews, who as a whole act so despicably, they are removed from the protections given to Klal Yisrael. That is the ethical lesson of the Ir Hanidachas. Everyone, taf v’nashim, gets killed in an Ir Hanidachas, there is no pidyon shvuim for any of them. As I recall, chilul Hashem is a sin worse than avoda zara, the offense of an Ir Hanidachas. I wonder if those communities that seem to have knowingly adopted those practices that create a chilul Hashem and do nothing to stop it, are still part of klal Yisrael and entitled to the benefits of pidyon shvuim.

  9. In the early 1900’s, the United States banned the sale of whiskey–It was called “Prohibition.” It was a flop. Everyone ignored that insane law, and eventually common sense prevailed, and it was repealed–but not before Joe Kennedy and his family got rich from smuggling liquor into the cou try.

    Today the Kennedys are a “respectable” family from whose ranks we have gotten a steady strewam of Government officials, a President, Jack Kennedy, an ambassador, Joe, and senator Robert and Ted.

    So, I ask, what is the difference between “Prohibition” of liquor–an intoxicating agent that destroys many lives–and the prohibition of street drugs, which do the same?

    What does it help? The drug trade is reputed to be the biggest business in the world–even larger that Walmart.

    What are we accomplishing, wasting billions of dollars chasing peole who want to “feel good,” and jailing their suppliers, who are responding to brisk demand.

    How many politicians, bankers, and “respectable” businessmen are getting rich from this illegal trade–Plenty!

    So, why don’t we just “go with the flow,” and–like gambling–make it legal to buy drugs, so that we can collect taxes to fund our Government activities.

    By the way, among the most active “Drug Dealers” are our doctors and school nurses, who shove mind-altering drugs into our children, often with very little professional testing–Ritalin, Prosac, Paxil, Klonopin….etc.

  10. Number 3, I hope you’re kidding.

    Besides, the people behind these idiots have a lot more money than we do. If they can afford to send the guy 7 kilos of cocaine they can afford to do the “mitzvah” of bailing them out of jail.

    Personally, if G-d should ever grant me a million dollars I will find better places to give tzedakah to rather than bailing out drug pushers. Drug pushers ruin the lives of innocent people.

  11. YWN is a news organization.It’s job is to tell
    the NEWS. News isn’t always good.Sometimes its
    bad and sometimes it’s terrible. YWN doesn’t
    make the chilul hashem, the idiots who break the
    law do. If the charaide community doesn.t learn
    from the Tzuris it is causing the Klal, then
    these stories will continue to happen. It takes
    more than a Streimel and peyos to make someone
    frum. When will we learn?

  12. This is #4 checking in again. In yesterday’s Jerusalem Post, there was an article written by Matthew Wagner about a Lubavitcher, a father of 9 children, who donated his kidney to a Satmar Chassid, a father of 10 children. This amazing act of chessed took place in the same news cycle, and at the same time as another incident was reported that involved human organs.

    I’n not a proponent of keeping one’s head in the sand. Rather, I maintain that there is far more Tzedokah V’Chessed taking place in Klal Yisroel than can be possibly covered in a stack of newspapers. Let’s focus on how precious Klal Yisroel is, let’s remind ourselves of the fact that we are the Am Kodosh, and let’s also remind ourselves that we are Mechuyov to keep to the letter of the law at all times. For one, Dinah D’Malchusah Dinah, for another the sever Aveirah of making a Chillul Hashem, etc.

  13. I am glad I got everyone so upset at me.
    Of course I was not serious, These people are choteh, umachtie ess harabbim, They cause so much damage to us all. I was a ‘little’ satirical, as I fully expect, within a short period of time someone will actually start collecting money for pidyon shvuyim. This happens so often, it makes me puke.

  14. I agree with 21…News is news..
    and unfortunately clothing fool many!

    and to #10 why do you refer only to ‘satmar’ for
    being demonstrators when they are just a part of a large group of ‘anti zionists’- including toldos aron…neturei karta…?

  15. #30, news is news is not a halachic heter. If the news is loshon hara can it be reported simply because it is news? Obviously not. The same should apply to chillul Hashem.

  16. All of your comments are pure Loshon Horah! You already convicted the suspects. I see all of you have the story right. Good for you all, right before Rosh HaShanah. Shame on you. Just Daven for Moshiach regardless whether its true or not.

  17. There’s an ancient Sefer called Sefer Chareidim; following it should be a prerequisite for earning the esteemed title of Chareidi.

    The Sefer Chareidim was written by the author of the Yedid Nefesh (actually “Yedid Nefesh” is part of the Sefer Chareidim.) He lived in Tzefat at the time of the Ari z”l and the Bet Yosef.