High Court Rejects Dati Leumi Petition Pertaining to Jerusalem Rabbinate Elections


cha3.jpgThe High Court of Justice has rejected a petition filed by the dati leumi camp regarding the Jerusalem Rabbinate elections. The claim is they lack adequate representation, explaining that since they are a majority of the residents of the capital, along with secular residents, it is unacceptable that the chareidi stream maintain a majority on the electoral committee as was reported by YWN.

The court ruled that since Minister of Religious Services Margi has agreed to take an exceptional step and order a reconvening of the committee, scheduled for tomorrow, October 15th, there is no justification for the petition at this time, explaining after the committee meets and petitioners feel the need exists, they may petition the court.

The committee is set to convene tomorrow, but no significant changes are expected, at least not changes that will satisfy the leaders of the dati leumi camp seeking to prevent the election of chareidi chief rabbis to Jerusalem.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Although I am alligned with the
    so-called “chareidi” camp, I
    think the use of the word is
    improper at best, devisive at
    worst. Litvish, Yeshivish,
    Chassidish, Religious Zionest,
    etc. are far more accurate and
    far less insulting.