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Rav Grossman Shlita to Run in Jerusalem Race

gro.jpgAccording to reports appearing in Ynet and elsewhere, Migdal Ha’emek Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Dovid Grossman Shlita is expected to formally announce his candidacy for the post of Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Yerushalayim. By most accounts, such an announcement would result in a total shift in the election since the rav crosses the borders of all camps, a personality who is accepted to the chareidim and dati leumi alike, a man who over four decades in Migdal Ha’emek managed to remain apolitical and unaffiliated, doing Hashem’s work with mesirus nefesh. It was not that long ago when the rav was approached to consider becoming a candidate for chief rabbi, but at the time, his late father zt”l instructed him to decline, and he told reporters honoring his father’s instructions compelled him to decline, and so he did.

When his father was alive, his objections to the center spotlight remain clear to the rav today, and some believe this weighs heavy on his decision not to enter the race until today. On the other side, the late Rebbe of Lelov zt”l, who was niftar a short time ago, told Rav Grossman on numerous occasions to enter the race, promising him success should he decide to run. There are conflicting reports as to the late Rebbe’s words, but all agree the Rebbe told him it is time to move to Yerushalayim [where the rav was raised].

Chareidim report that sources in Lelov confirmed the late Rebbe’s instructions, telling the rav he must serve as the chief rabbi of the capital.

There are also reports that Rishon L’Tzion Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita called on Rav Grossman to run in the race, explaining he personally heard his late father’s instructions, which only referred to serving as chief rabbi of Israel and not Yerushalayim.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

7 Responses

  1. Yellow journalism at its best!
    Once again, YWN chooses a
    headline that belies the facts
    contained in the text of the
    article. Nowhere is there an
    indication Rabbi Grossman “will”
    run, as the headline reads.

    How about Strong Indication that
    the Rav Will Be Entering the
    Race” or “Rabbi Grossman Seriously
    Considering Entering Race,” or
    some similar, more truthful

  2. I would hate to see a pure and holy tsadik like R’ Grossman get fe’shmutzed by Israeli politics. This is a tough call. He has done such amazing work in the north, and he IS still needed there. I guess the answer is simply to follow what the Gedolim instruct/ed him to do.

  3. I hope he does so and that it becomes a yeshua for Kllal Yisroel. HaRav Grossman embodies true Torah Judaism. A Talmid Chochom, an Ohev Yisroel, an Ahuv to all that meet him, a successful negotiator, and the list goes on and on. He is truly a Holy Jew who can inspire all and can cross all imaginary lines between all types of Jews. I would not be surprised if he was from the lineage of Bais Dovid.

    Kllal Yisroel desperately need visionaries and tzadikim like him to assume the leadership roles over us. I never met him but have followed his life through the years. I would support him in a heartbeat.

  4. # 7 Vus hut boidem tzu tun mit klutz?

    Almost everything Rabbi G does is connected to the medinah. Do not turn him into something he is not.

    Fact is, if he had radical views like you seem to have, he would never contemplate running for the Zionist job of chief Rabbi.

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