PM Sends a Clear Stern Message to Syria


bibis1.jpgDuring his visit in Paris on Wednesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated that if Israel learns of another incident in which Syria is moving weapons to Hizbullah, Jerusalem will act. The prime minister during his stopover in the French capital commented following the recent interception of the Francop weapons freighter that was intercepted by Israeli ‘Shayetet 13’ naval commandos.

The prime minister also called on Syria to enter into a direct diplomatic process with Israel, to launch negotiations towards reaching an agreement, stressing such a move must be without preconditions.

Syria has been maintaining its position, demanding a total and unconditional Israeli retreat from the entire Golan Heights as a precondition to entering into talks.

The prime minister made a stopover on his return flight from Washington, meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The situation regarding Syria, Lebanon and Hizbullah is quite worrisome, pointing directly to Iran. The announcement this week that the new Lebanese government will include to Hizbullah cabinet ministers has Jerusalem concerned, realizing that the move lends legitimacy to the terror organization, while increasing Hizbullah/Syrian influence in the country, which some intelligence officials fear will permit the country to become another weapons storehouse for Iranian-supported terrorists, more than it already is, the direct result of Syrian influence.

Hizbullah did not permit the prime minister’s remarks regarding Syria to pass without a response, with the organization’s leader; Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah warning Israel it would bomb Tel Aviv is Israel makes a move to enter into Lebanon.

Just this week, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gabi Ashkenazi told a session of the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee that Hizbullah has tens of thousands of rockets, some with a range of up to 325 kilometers, close to 200 miles.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Some say this time the ship was caught, and what about all those that weren’t? HaSh*m Yirachem Aleinu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We can avoid something happening, Chas V’Shalom by “lephashpesh Bema’aseinu” now and not after, C’V. I live in Eretz Hakodesh in a very frum area where machlokeis between brothers of different origin is too painful. We are all frum yiddens with traditional dress codes. Our children all go to frum talmudei torah and we have no non-frum people living in our area. So why it is that an 8 year old boy and his father that live on my street were called “kooshi” in our frum neighborhood by a 7 year old chasidish boy and his 5 year old sister while returning home from arvit. The father and his son don’t look like outsiders and are not particularly dark in complexion. They are frum Sephardic yiddens (not Ethiopians either) and look just like everyone else. White shirt, black slacks, jacket, hat, tsitsit, and payot. The fact that this 7 year old boy and his sister referred to them as “kooshi” means the home, school, and/or surrounding friends (all of whom frum parents “should” control) needs to be looked at closely and deeply. And if it’s coming from the home, than it’s a true shame. How can this be healthy on any level for our young kinderlach? 60 years ago all frum yiddens where a close knit community, working together and fighting for our religious rights among the empty minded tzionim. When I see such machlokeis as I have witnessed with this father and son because of origin – this is SIN’AS CHINAM! Beis Hamikdash will C’V never be re-built, unless each one of us does away with this sin’as chinam. How about starting with the title “Anash – אנ”ש”? Harav Hagaon R’ Yehuda Yosefi, Shlita – screams this in his lectures to men. We have drafted away from what’s right. It’s painful to see that our beloved family members, our great Robonim and the tzadikim in our community in general, pay the price for our din. So I turn to you my fellow yiddens, “lephashpesh Bema’aseinu” before a tragedy, C’V.

  2. “among the empty minded tzionim”

    Well, I think this is where you can start being “lephashphesh”. Don’t you even see that having that attitude towards any yidden will cause it to spread all yidden. It’s no trick to love the yidden who dress and think like you do. Start with loving those who don’t.

  3. concernedbh – you are right. I must have had a moment of weakness when remembering how they wanted to erase Torah from the face of the earth and how they cut payos off tmimim men and little kinderlach, and how they took away the tsnius of women saying “This is a different country – you don’t need to dress this way anymore – that was the way your mother and grandmother dressed – we are modern here”

    “It’s no trick to love the yidden who dress and think like you do” – are we supposed to love epikores jews who want to erase Torah and Hash*m, C’V?