Coca Cola Israel Implements a Quiet Recall


icoke.jpgCoca Cola officials sent employees to stores, quietly, without a fuss, seeking to pull hundreds of 1.5 liter bottles of the shelves, bottles that have a “funny taste and bad odor”.  The recall includes bottles with an expiration date of March 18 and 19 2010.

Distributers explain the company seems to have opted to try to implement the recall without alerting the public, using its drivers and delivery route people. It appears the problem only effects the 1.5 liter bottles of Coke and diet Coke from the dates mentioned.

Coca Cola Israel officials explain the problem stems from the carbon dioxide they purchase, not from the Coke plant, adding while the taste if off and the odor is unpleasant, there is no health hazard whatsoever.

Coke officials add most of the bottles were detected before shipment, but they have decided on the limited recall to eliminate and doubts, seeking to prevent the unpleasantly for the end user. Any customer finding bottles with the dates mentioned at home, they are instructed to phone 1-800-587-587 for arrange for new bottles in exchange.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Here you are, Flatbush Bubby, another voluntary product recall, and no one is apt to die from Coca Cola with an unpleasant odor. These recalls are so common it’s a wonder they even make the news.

  2. Flatbush Bubby, if it smells funny and has a bad odor, either drink it or return it for an exchange. Borscht smells funny and has a bad odor, yet Russians and Jews have been drinking it for centuries with no ill effects whatsoever.

  3. I hate borscht. I despise borscht. When I was engaged to my husband which was — years ago, I asked him and he agreed to never, ever, ever buy, use, or drink borscht. But, I like Coke. Or better yet, Pepsi…..