Modi’in Illit: Dozens of Chareidi Women Out of Work


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unem5.jpgDozens of chareidi women, residents of Modi’in Illit, have received notice that they are about to be unemployed as one of the area’s larger employers of women is closing its doors, ImageStore, providing electronic document archival service.

The operation opened in Modi’in Illit about five years ago, when Ehud Olmert was serving as Minister of Industry & Trade, enlisting a close friend, R’ Ephraim Reich to bring the job opportunities to the chareidi community. He arranged for a government gratuity for Reich to the tune of NIS 1,000 a worker for a five-year period, which is coming to an end in a number of weeks. Appears the timing of the closure is not coincidental since the government perks are about to come to an abrupt end.

Realizing the company was failing, Mayor R’ Yaakov Guterman began meeting with other entrepreneurs in the community, seeking to find alternative employment for the women before they find themselves without parnasa. It appears the mayor may be striking a deal with David Bar of Novlov, which manufactures drugs. The company may be willing to relocate from Petach Tikvah to Modi’in Illit within a half year.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. #1 – Your comment is not helpful. Until the time that men in Modiin Elite start getting f/t jobs (and even then, its doubtful whether growing families can survive on only one salary); we need employment for our women-folk

  2. Knowing Modiin Ilit as I do, it is safe to assume that most of these women are working so that their husbands can devote themselves full time to Torah. Let’s daven that they are able to continue to do so.