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IDF Prevents Apologetic Rabbis from Reaching Yusuf

cr1.jpgIDF soldiers stationed at Tapuach Junction in Shomron prevented a delegation of apologetic rabbis headed by Rabbis Yehuda Gilad and Menachem Fruman from reaching the PA (Palestinian Authority) autonomous village of Yusuf, where a mosque was badly damaged in a Friday arson attack.

The rabbinical delegation planned to visit the mosque to apologize and to assist in cleaning the religious structure, as well as delivering a new Koran to replace the one burned in the arson attack, believed to be linked to Jews.

While the Office of the IDF Spokesman stated the visit was officially approved, the reason given for preventing the rabbonim from reaching the Arab village was attributed to “security considerations” due to the tension in the village and surrounding area.

The soldiers declared the area a ‘closed military zone’ but the delegation met with PA officials at Tapuach Junction, expressing their apologies and presenting them with the new Koran.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Rav Fruman is the neturei karta of YESHA, self hating anti-zionist Jew that loved arafat, yimach shemo more that his fellow jew.

  2. This bit of news definitaly will not be making it’s way into American and European news. Funny that when there is an obvious attempt to show humanitarian aid and sincere kindness from the Jews, all of a sudden all tapes and media are shut off and the world never hears about it. But when we try to defend our children from rocket attacks…it is a whole nother story. And this is most definitaly not a “pity the Jews”attempt. This is fact and as much as I try to accept it, it kills me EVERY TIME.

  3. It was for their own safety. Unfortunately they still met the other side’s leaders and presented the new Koran to these animals. Disgusting.

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