Jordan Makes an Arrest in Diplomatic Bombing Attack


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Jordanian officials have arrested a local taxi driver who is suspected of having placed the bomb that detonated against an Israeli diplomatic convoy in Amman on Thursday. Four Israeli diplomatic officials and two security agents were in the convoy when the bomb detonated. The ambassador was not among them. They were about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the Allenby Bridge Crossing, heading to Israel when the explosion occurred. As was reported on Thursday, there were no injuries in the attack.

While officials in Jerusalem are not pointing a finger of blame and no terror organization is claiming responsibility for the attack, intelligence officials are looking in the direction of the Global Jihad or al-Qaeda, adding the terrorists were familiar with the vehicular route and were in all likelihood following the activities of the target vehicles.

While reports are not describing the size of the bomb, Jordanian media reports the explosion left a 10 meter (yards) crater in the road.

During recent weeks, a number of threats against Israeli embassies were received and increased security measures were put into place about ten days ago.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Flatbush Bubby in comment #1 is quite correct.

    Jordan is not the peaceloving country, that some try and make it out to be.

    They once had a sniper shooting at Israelis through the fence from the Jordanian side of the border and that terrorist also got only a slap on the wrist.