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Vatican Blames Israel for Driving Christians Out of the Area

A Vatican synod being convened by Monsignor Nikola Eterovic will address an internal document addressing the plight of the dwindling Christian minority in the rapidly growing Islamic population in the Mideast. 150 bishops are expected to attend the synod which will be held on October 10-24.

The internal Vatican documents pertaining to the meeting place the ongoing Israel-PA (Palestinian Authority) conflict at the heart of regional instability and conflict, adding “radical terrorism” over recent years exploited the conflict towards advancing political Islam in countries including Egypt.

Israel’s “ongoing occupation” is blamed for restricted access to houses of worship in those areas, hampering religious life. In Iraq, the report states all Iraqis became victims but the small and weak Christian population was among the principal victims.

The Vatican believes the solution remains in the hands of “the stronger countries, to settle the conflict between Israel and the PA.

A Vatican statement added “Violence is in the hands of the strong and weak alike, the latter resorting to whatever violence is within reach in order to be free.”

When asked if the Vatican document was referring to yishuvim throughout Yehuda and Shomron and ongoing construction in the eastern capital, Eterovic explained that while the Vatican was not making policy decisions, it does adhere to and accept the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, which in this case, support the Roadmap Plan and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

The bishop added that while many of the 17 million Christians living between Iran and Egypt have fled, the numbers of Christians in the region has grown due to the influx of manual laborers, Christians, in a number of Arab countries, some that had a minimal or no Christian presence prior to their arrival.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. They must be kidding. The Lebanese and Syrian Arabs have long done everything they could to kill Xtians in their countries. And they blame Israel? Of course they do, who else can they blame?

  2. What garbage.
    So the oppression of Christians by Arabs in the Arab territories is somehow still the fault of “the Jews”.

    And Arabs running their own territories under their own terrorist government, is also somehow
    a “struggle, to be free, from occupying Israel”.

    This sounds like Hitler, Yerach Shemo in his early rants about Germany needing to conquer Europe because they needed “Leibensroom”.

    Only antisemites could believe these lies, even a little.

  3. Don’t worry Rabbosai, Hashem is watching and there will be consequences for such lies!

    What was the purpose for the Pope to visit the old synagogue in Rome anyway?

  4. The Israelis had hoped that the Christians would support Israel against the Muslims. That didn’t happen since most middle eastern Christians, whether they are “Arab” or something else, share the anti-Semitism of traditional Christianity.

  5. This is a known fact that the large Christian Arab community of Bet Lechem has been threatened and have left the country, due to violence towards them.

  6. well sayitlikeitis in comment #5 you might be right, that Christians have left Bet Lechem because of violence but what you carefully avoided saying was violence from the Arabs who control that area.

    It was not and never has ever been the Jews causing the violence to Christians nor has it ever been Jews who were the ones driving Christians away.

  7. Pray tell oh holy see why are the xristian running away from Lebannon because of Jew?????
    Stop you uter nonsense. Call a spade a spade and go after the arabs who are going after xristian

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