This Time, Jerusalem City Hall Targets Ramat Eshkol Shul


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Jerusalem City Hall officials this week slapped an eviction order on the doors of the Bnei HaYeshivos Shul in Ramat Eshkol, a major shul for the budding frum chareidi community, the weekly chareidi HaShavua reports.

The eviction order explains the city property is being used without permission, and therefore, the tenants are compelled to vacate. The notification admits the situation is somewhat complex, and it is entirely possible that in the past, a permit was granted, but that is not the case today. In addition, City Hall is demanding retroactive payment for the period the building was used.

The order concludes that if compliance is not achieved in 10 days, legal action will be taken to oust the shul as well as demanding the funds for such action be paid by the tenants being evicted.

Those operating the shul have legal grounds to remain the report adds, but they prefer to vacate and avoid a forced eviction and all that such a move brings with it. They are also signaling chareidi city councilmen may be able and willing to intercede, so for now, they appear to be willing to comply with the eviction order.

The shul provides a vital service, with some 400 avreichim davening in one of many minyanim, as well as hosting a beis medrash.

A number of weeks ago, Jerusalem City Hall issued an eviction notice to the shul and shtiblach at Ganei Geula, near Kiryas Belz.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. If they can evict 10,000 Jews fromGush katif,and if they nowplan to evict hundreds-of-thousands from the West Bank,what’s the big deal with this eviction!–Stick it to the hated Hareidim–Gotcha!


  2. Wait – they built a shul without zoning in a protected area of the Jerusalem Forest and the municipality rightly posts a polite eviction notice and they’re NAZIS????

    Did you know that in Nazi Germany Jews were rounded up, executed, and cremated en masse? Do you notice a particular distinction between that, and what’s going on in Ramat Eshkol? Hmm? Think about it deepthinker…

    Maybe we should do away with zoning regulations all together so every neighborhood can look like a Haredi-Jungle-Lego-Set like Sanhedria Murchevet.

    Those darn NAZIS and their evil zoning regulations! When will they stop trying to ensure the safety and pleasant appearence of our downtrodden Haredi ghetto. (Mind you, a downtrodden ghetto where little luxury apartments go for $450,000, and the poor yiddishe mamale’s sip iced coffee all day in their $2000 shaitels.)

    Get it through your head. We’re not in Europe anymore, and anyone who trys to impose the slightest degree of social normalacy on a frum Jew is not a NAZI!

  3. Mr Deepthinker,

    1) I guess your family is not holocaust survivers that you can use the phrase Nazi against Jews – SHAME ON YOU!!!
    2) Our Haredim groups was a part of the Gush Katif eviction, and got just 500,000,000 – in ordr to be quiet
    3) Here in Eretz Ysroel we need to behave atleast the way we use to behave at the States. “Dina De-malhuta Dina” there and Kol-Shken here. We need to be Mekadesh Shem Shamayim, and not do everything ‘under the table’ and against the law and logic way of life. Halachah is not against logic, so as the Gmeara says: “Kshot Atzmeha Tcila”
    By the way my we (my family) are holocaust survivers, and if someone behave like Nazis, and try to find the differences all the time, like Ashkenazi Sfaradi, CLitwak and Hossids, – it is our Haredi group.