Orlev Demands Action Against Chareidi Mosdos Facilitators


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MK (HaBayit HaYehudi) Zevulun Orlev, in his capacity as chair of the Knesset Education Committee, is calling for an urgent session of the Knesset committee after learning of the existence of facilitators, people acting as agents to mediate between parents and mosdos, taking NIS thousands to guarantee the admission of talmidim into chareidi mosdos.

Orlev expressed outrage and has demanded the committee convene to probe the reports, that agents are working as facilitators, taking money from concerned parents who are pressured, realizing if they fail to get their child into the ‘correct yeshiva’ will have long-term ramifications, including shidduchim, and the concerns have opened a market for these facilitators, who buy a talmid’s entry to mosdos at the expense of parents who seek the best for their child.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. I’m afraid I don’tsee what’sbothering this secular Chareidi-Hater.

    This is a decision by parents, whochoose to spend their money on a “Shadchan” who will work on their behalf.

    Is this “Tzaddik”Orlev also prepared to attack all thelawyers in Israel, who take exorbitant fees to “protect”their clients from the Reshaim on the bench?

  2. To KarneiReshoim (no. 2):

    Whydoyou assume that Chareidim are poor–Racial and Ethnic stereotyping ill becomes an obvious secularist, like you!

  3. what happened getting into a school based on academic achievement? not all schools are for every child. buying them into a school does nothing for them. it just means that you can buy your way into anything? what a bad example this is for our youngsters. money can’t and shouldn’t buy everything.

  4. Orlev is from the Mizrachi movement.

    This guy will save the frum people a lot of good money.

    Face it, the frum schools in Israel get away with racism when they refuse kids from certain ethnic backgrounds but a few hundred dollars greasing the right hands will avoid all problems.

    A school should be forced to accept all kids within its neighbourhood as long as their religious behaviour is fitting for the school.
    (and for goodness sake teach the kids how to make a parnossah other than shadchaning kids to schools)
    In Israel the poor get poorer. People just take advantage.

    I remember when I rented an apartment, you get these guys who want a months rent for shadchaning a six month contract.
    They do nothing, no negotiations, no work, they just utilise their connections to milk the system and watch everyone else get poorer.

  5. #1 DeepThinker
    You should be ashamed of your comment! What is wrong with corruption? What is wrong with someone with money, shmearing their way ahead of someone without money? What’s wrong with taking shochad? What’s wrong with acting like a despicable self-centered person and still call themselves part of the Am Hashem, part of the Am Kadosh??? You rationalize this offensive comment by comparing a ben Torah to a secular lawyer???? Perhaps you should learn to keep your “DeepThoughts” to yourself.

  6. The sad but obvious fact is that just because someone wears a kappata, has peyos, a giant yarmulka, and dresses, lives, davens, and l;earns within the charedei community; does not mean that he is honest, has integrity, is spiritual, is giving, is kind, or even a good person. He is till fully capable of being empty of wisdom and full of shmutz. Rav Schwadron, the Maggid of Yerushalayim, O”H use to be fond of saying that there are 2 types of Reshoim in the world, a nebech rasha, and a real rasha. The nebech rasha is the chiloni who has the yetzer hara but has no Torah against it. Of course he may act like a Rasha, he has no choice. The Real Rasha can only be a Ben Torah. One who learned what is right but has chosen to do what is wrong.

  7. To #7 geordie: The person you dealt with is called a broker, very commonly employed by those seeking apartments. What’s wrong with that? Nothing.

  8. #7 – How can you say “the frum schools in Israel get away with racism”? Firstly, you are speaking loshon hara about a massive amount of people, including plenty of very ehlich michanchim. Second, you seem to be saying that every last frum school in Israel is racist, and surely you will admit that this is not true.

    #8/9 – What makes you think that anyone who is a yeshiva shadchan is “a despicable self-centered person” and is not worthy to “call themselves part of the Am Hashem”? Why can’t we be talking about a basically good person who has been forced by circumstances beyond his control to use questionable practices to feed his wife and kids? Just because someone does something wrong doesn’t mean that they are an evil person. I’m sure everyone reading this comment has done something wrong at some point – does this make everyone a “real rasha”?

  9. Several topics of discussion have been raised.

    . Why is a “facilitator” necessary, aren’t students chosen on merit?

    . For a population that is always claiming it needs money, is this a wise way to spend it?

    . Are people so concerned about what other people think, that they would spend money on a facilitator to ensure their child got into a certain cheder, or mesivta? Perhaps if the reason given for these facilitators was that people would pay to get into the shiur of a certain rebbe, ok, one could rationalize somehow that for torah, we should extend ourself. That isn’t the stated reason though. Shidduchim and appearances. What a joke.

    What percentage of people use facilitators?

  10. Re number 9. It should be pointed out that in mitrayim the yidden dressed like jews, spoke like jews and called themselves by their jewish names. By all appearances, they were jews, yet, they were at the 49th level of tuma. Just because it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and is called a duck, doesn’t make it a duck.

  11. # 3 – I see you like the word “secularist”. Feel free to use it as much as you like. The fact that Charedim, as a group, are poor is a statistical fact. I am not stereotyping. And for your information, Charedim are not considered a Race or an Ethnic group in the sociological sense.

  12. For those who do not understand the Israeli mentality, I will translate. In Israeli, it sounds like this:
    These are “facilitators” who are “compensated” for providing “services” for “concerned” parents.
    Translation into American:
    These are “mafioso” who take “money under the table” for providing “bribery” for “parents with no yichus”.
    If this system sounds ehrlichkeit to you, then you may move on to the next article.